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Looking for the best way to present your stats? Easily turn dry facts and boring numbers into engaging graphics with VistaCreate! Our infographic maker offers hundreds of professionally designed templates and excellent customization features. Simply pick the template you like and quickly customize it. Create an infographic that matches your style in minutes with the free infographic maker!
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Infographic maker for easy design

With VistaCreate, you can make your own infographic without prior design experience. Explore numerous pre-made design ideas in our free infographic maker and find the best one for your business. With various editing tools and design features in VistaCreate, you can easily adjust ready-to-use templates and create infographics that communicate your message.
Simplified infographic creator for quick designs

Top tools for making a custom infographic online

Engaging infographics are a powerful instrument for online and offline marketing. Make your infographic stand out with VistaCreate. Access easy-to-use tools, intuitive design features, and an extensive creative library in our infographic maker. Easily create a custom infographic for your business and drive higher engagement with your compelling designs!

Professional infographic templates

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed infographic templates in VistaCreate and easily design your own infographic. VistaCreate offers different types of visuals, including lists, timelines, mind maps, interactive maps, comparisons graphics, and more.
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Animate your design

Make interactive infographics using various animation features in the VistaCreate infographic builder. Discover 13,000+ animated design objects to enhance your visuals. You can also apply animated effects to text blocks or images and emphasize the parts that need the most attention.
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Play with fonts

Minimalist or maximalist, our online infographic maker has you covered. Choose from over 680 fonts in the VistaCreate collection to make your infographic look trendy and highlight key messages. You can also upload your own fonts to the infographic maker and use them in your design.
Infographics Infographics

Add design objects

Embellish your infographic with design objects from the VistaCreate media library. Find thousands of free images, shapes, illustrations, lines, diagrams, and other graphics in the infographic maker and create a clear visualization of complex data.
Infographics Infographics

Upload my content

Want to personalize a template? There’s nothing stopping you! Upload your own fonts, images, and other content and add them to your infographic for a unique look. You can also use the Brand Kit feature in our free infographic maker to ensure your designs are made in line with your brand identity.
Infographics Infographics Infographics

Essential tips for a great infographic

  • Less is more

    You don’t need to write three pages of text to explain the facts. Infographics are all about simplicity. The less you write, the easier it will be for the reader to understand the information. Besides, people process visual information faster than text, so focus on illustrations.

  • Turn words into numbers

    Every word that can be written in number form should very well be. Use symbols for quarters and percentages to have a less-cluttered infographic. Plus, your infographic will look more scannable and catchy with interesting data in numbers.

  • Emphasize important details

    For a more legible infographic, accentuate key elements like headings, badges, and numbers. This will help the reader intuitively understand the most important thing to remember. Use fonts, colors, and objects to help reinforce your infographic’s key messages.

  • Have fun

    Let’s not forget that infographics usually contain quite serious and valuable information. It’s up to you to leave it as raw as the report states or to make it more entertaining with the help of fun stickers. Search for exciting facts to support your raw data, and illustrate them using our fun illustrations and objects.

How to create an infographic

  • Step 1
    Choose format
    Log into your VistaCreate account or sign up to have your designs autosaved. Choose the pre-made infographic format to start or enter custom dimensions and proceed with editing.
  • Step 2
    Pick a template
    Explore hundreds of ready-made templates in VistaCreate and choose the best one for your needs. You can use the search bar in our infographic maker to specify the topic you are looking for.
  • Step 3
    Customize design
    Edit or scale design elements, play with backgrounds and colors, and change the text to customize your template. You can also upload your files to make a more personalized design.
  • Step 4
    Download or share
    Once your design is ready, download your infographic creation in the desired format. Or start sharing your infographic on social media directly from the VistaCreate interface.

Video guide on infographic making

We’ve prepared a short video guide on how to create infographics using VistaCreate. Learn how to make a trendy infographic in just a few simple steps.


  • What makes a good infographic?

    To create an infographic that grabs attention, make it scannable and legible. Use simple fonts, bold or muted colors, add lots of visuals. Don’t clutter your design with text. Leverage white space to help guide viewers to the right information. Keep in mind that it​​’s important to only use high-quality images in your infographic. VistaCreate offers a vast library of high-resolution stock images, videos, and vectors for infographic creation. Explore millions of royalty-free files in the best free infographic maker and enhance your data visualization.
  • Can I use my own images to create an infographic?

    Absolutely! You can upload images, videos, fonts, and other content to the VistaCreate free infographic maker and use them in your designs. To do so, open the infographic creator and go to the “Uploads” tab on the sidebar menu. Click “Upload Image or Video” to add your files to the editor. Now you can create an infographic using your content: simply place the uploaded items anywhere on the artboard.
  • Can I animate my infographic in VistaCreate?

    Yes! You can add videos to your project or animate it in VistaCreate. To add videos, upload them to the editor by clicking “Upload Image or Video” in the “Uploads” tab. Note that you can also use files from our collection. To animate your design, click the “Animate” button and experiment with different effects. You can apply them to any design element on the template.
  • What is the best size for an infographic?

    The size of your infographic depends on the platforms you want to share it on. In the VistaCreate infographic maker, you can easily resize your design to fit the desired publishing channel. Use preset design formats to quickly adjust your infographic to social media, blogs, or other channels. You can also set custom dimensions to create an infographic in a variety of sizes using the free infographic maker.
  • What are the best practices for infographic designs?

    There are several types of infographics that you can use for your business. Lists, how-tos, timelines, mind maps, and flowcharts are best if you need to visualize data in a simple and creative way. You can find any infographic template you need in VistaCreate. Just open the editor and enter your keyword into the search bar on the main page.
  • Can I post my ready-made design on social media?

    Sure! Create a project using our infographic tool and quickly resize it to any format you need. You can adjust your visual to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or even printable formats right in the editor. Just find the “Resize” button on the header menu and select your desired size. You can also animate your project to post it on TikTok or YouTube as a video.

Inspiring infographic ideas

Easily customize the pre-made templates in VistaCreate to make your own infographics or use them as inspiration.

Thousands of design templates

Find numerous design ideas for social media, marketing materials, print media, and more in VistaCreate and effortlessly make standout visuals for your business.

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Charlotte Polley
Charlotte Polley
owner of Boo’s Toy Shop.
Using VistaCreate has enabled me to grow my marketing and content skills. People have noticed that my content has changed across social media and I am loving the comments.
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Jennifer Parr
Jennifer Parr
founder of DIYvinci, an online arts and crafts store.
When you’re a small business owner wearing multiple hats, using a tool like VistaCreate that saves time is crucial. You also don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to be able to develop good designs for your company.
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Kirsty Cleverly
Kirsty Cleverly
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My visuals now look better than anything I could just come up with on my own. VistaCreate makes graphic design so much quicker and easier for me, leaving me with more time to put back into my business. It has been such a force multiplier!
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Lisa Harvey
Lisa Harvey
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VistaCreate has massive functionality and I love that it’s just so easy to use. It allows my ideas to come to life. And that has helped me with selling my services and products to clients and prospects tenfold.
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Rick Blyth
Rick Blyth
Micro SaaS apps developer.
It’s just so quick to create graphics using VistaCreate that it almost feels like cheating. As everything is fully customizable, I’m able to quickly create designs consistent with my brand very quickly.”
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