Convert your video to GIF

Converting videos to GIFs has never been easier! With our online video converter, you can upload footage and media files and turn them into high-quality animated GIFs in mere minutes. Convert MP4 to GIF, WebM to GIF, MOV to GIF, AVI to GIF, FLV to GIF, MPEG to GIF, and 3GP file formats to GIF. Simply sign up to VistaCreate and get started!

How to convert video files to GIF

Be mindful of how you use GIFs! Convert your video footage to GIF only if you really need it for design purposes or due to the requirements of various platforms. For example, there’s no use in converting your YouTube video to GIF just to post it on social media because the original MP4 file has much better quality by default.
  • 1
    Set size and length
    Click the “Sign up” to create your account. Then, click the “Convert your video” and set up the conversion process by choosing the desired video length, size, and other dimensions. Once all the parameters are set, you’ll be redirected to the VistaCreate editor.
    Set size and length
  • 2
    Select a video file
    The next step is uploading your video file to the GIF converter. Go to the My Files tab, click the Upload button, and select the video you want to convert.
    Select a video file
  • 3
    Convert your video
    When your file is uploaded, add it to the artboard to make a GIF. Your video will be automatically converted, so you don’t need to input any parameters.
    Convert your video
  • 4
    Download and share
    VistaCreate is a high-quality GIF maker, which means you get a great-looking result every time. Once your GIF is ready, you can download and save it for web design or blogging or share it on social media.
    Download and share

Why VistaCreate is the best GIF converter

VistaCreate is much more than a GIF converter. It’s a design editor that allows you to create visuals for marketing, social media, print, and web. With our GIFs maker, you don’t need to leave VistaCreate to design visual content using your freshly converted GIFs. Transform your footage and use exceptional tools in the editor to make stunning animated posts, logos, Stories, and covers.
  • Free GIF conversion

    VistaCreate is a free GIF maker from video, which means you don’t have to pay anything to use the tool. Besides, there’s no watermark with the converted file. What is more, the design platform offers a variety of free tools for any creator to make even more engaging visuals for different projects. Just create your VistaCreate account and start making your own designs.

  • The best possible GIF quality

    GIFs have a lower quality than video clips by nature. Each GIF frame can have a palette of only up to 256 different colors. It means that converting footage without losing quality at all is impossible. Still, if your video file has more solid colors than gradients, the result will surprise you! With VistaCreate, it takes just a couple of minutes to turn your Full HD video into a short and vivid animated GIF. Try it out!

  • Flexible conversion settings

    VistaCreate converter is flexible when it comes to the look, speed, and quality of your GIF. Set up the conversion settings exactly how you want to get a file of a bigger or smaller size. The default video processing method is FFMPEG, but if you have a video with transparent elements and want to preserve this transparency in your converted GIF, you can change the method.

  • Perfect for both short and long GIFs

    VistaCreate converter is a robust tool for transforming a short video clip into a GIF. If you’re looking for a long GIF maker, VistaCreate will perfectly do the job, too! You might want to convert a piece from a movie to turn it into a meme or replace your old static logo with a brand-new GIF. However, try to avoid using large-sized GIFs on pages that already have performance and loading speed issues.

  • Access VistaCreate on all your devices

    You can use the VistaCreate converter on your mobile device and upload a video file from your gallery. If you’re wondering how to edit your video, download and install the VistaCreate app on Android or iOS and create awesome designs on the go. There is no need to cope with complicated software — sign up to VistaCreate and access all the editing capabilities in our editor.

  • Infinite inspiration and design power

    VistaCreate has thousands of professionally designed templates to help you kickstart the creative process. Make both graphic designs and animated visuals with audio and video. You can also create anything you want from scratch, using images, stickers, illustrations, shapes, fonts, and other design objects from a huge built-in media library. Don’t stop on the GIF converter. Explore all design capabilities of VistaCreate!

Create dazzling designs using VistaCreate features

  • Resize video

    We made video resizing effortless so you can avoid annoying extra steps, just click and get it done.

  • Animated effects

    Animate any element on the artboard. Scatter stickers on the canvas. Let those shapes zoom in and out with delays.

  • Animated logos

    Logos can be awesome but animated logos are even better. They grab attention, they are sophisticated, they’re simply more fun.

  • Trim video

    Say no more to complicated software. Just upload your video to Crello and trim it in a snap, or use our huge library of HD video clips.