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Convert Your Image In Seconds

Use the VistaCreate converter to transform your files to PNG, JPG, and other popular formats. Simply choose the design format you need, upload your file to the editor, and get your photo or image transformed in seconds.

How to Convert Image Formats

With the VistaCreate image format converter, you get a free convenient tool to switch between the most popular formats in the simplest way possible.
  • 1
    To start off, click the “Sign up” and create your VistaCreate account. Then, click the “Convert your image” and select the format for your desired outcome on the pop-up page. Once you’re set, you’ll be automatically redirected to the VistaCreate image editor.
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    The next step is uploading your picture to the image converter. Go to the My Files tab, click the Upload Image button, and select the file you want to convert. You can upload several images to the editor for further use.
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    Now convert the file. On this step, you do not have to input any parameters. Everything happens automatically. Simply select the photo you want to convert from your uploaded files and add it to the artboard.
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    Download and save your file in the new format. VistaCreate provides a choice of formats commonly used by graphic designers and content specialists everywhere. Choose the desired format before downloading and save your converted file.

Why VistaCreate is the best image converter

File conversion can be a bottleneck for graphic designers, and we’re very happy to solve this problem for you. VistaCreate image converter streamlines the design process for our users as much as possible. As you’re converting, you have access to the interactive dashboard with the batch of the processed files. At any given moment, you can proceed to download them in bulk. The files will be delivered to your device neatly packed in one archive. That is how VistaCreate enables you to convert to JPG, and a large mass of files all at once. We also provide a photo converter to PNG with the same handy set of features.
  • Convert images easily

    You might often turn to Google with your quick request — how do I change a picture to JPG? The solution is actually at your fingertips. Our easy-to-use tool will convert files for you in a matter of seconds. No need to break away from the task at hand to find the perfect image converter. Simply use the VistaCreate converter — and these questions will never bother you anymore.

  • Why convert your images?

    You need to convert your images to ensure that the file size for your digital assets is small enough to not slow down your website. Some file formats will fit the digital needs better than others, being lighter and faster to upload. It makes them a better fit for mobile resize, too. Vice versa, for the printable materials, you need to have a format that will give the maximum amount of details.

  • Convert JPG to PNG and back

    Too often clients will send you their logo in JPG, Excel, and such. Don’t fret! You don’t have to be a professional designer to convert everyday working materials with VistaCreate. Just use our image converter to switch back and forth between formats fast.

  • Safety first

    We value your trust when you’re uploading your files to our service. When you upload the file, our software processes your image in a safe and protected manner. Your uploaded file is converted on the artboard in just a few moments, and you can save your image in the new format.

  • Convert your own images

    How to change image data of your own images into different formats? Open the VistaCreate photo converter and create your account or log into the existing one. Then, choose the desired format and add the photo from your computer or camera roll to the artboard. Prepare your visuals for social media, emails, websites, and other platforms.

  • Convert images wherever you are

    Edit your images with the VistaCreate picture converter no matter where you are. The editor works perfectly on both Windows and Mac, mobile or desktop. The tool is super simple to use. Just choose the format, upload your image to the editor, download it, and share. Make sure you’re logged in to access more design options.

Quick features to enhance your images

  • Rotate

    Rotate the images as you like to suit your goals, whether you need to fix the horizon on a selfie or make a cool mirrored key visual. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. Everybody is welcome to do awesome graphic design in VistaCreate.

  • Flip

    You often need to flip pictures fast when making social media updates in bulk. The photo orientation can make or break your layout. Flip your images in one go in VistaCreate and easily bring your design idea to life.

  • Resize

    Nothing is easier than resizing images in VistaCreate. Go big, go small, and go cropped in just several clicks in our convenient online editor, then download the file in your format of choice. Opt for JPG if you’re all-digital, or a PDF if you need to send the file to print.

  • Crop

    Would you like to cut something out of the picture before publication? It has never been easier with VistaCreate’s cropping tools. Go to the editor, insert your image, and easily cut out the excess areas.