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Make Invoices in VistaCreate for a Clean Sharp Look

Here is a simple invoice maker for quick document creation — just fill in the free invoice template from VistaCreate with your payment details and send to customers. With our invoice generator, small business owners and entrepreneurs can skip researching how to create an invoice and go straight to the fun part — billing!
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Make Your Invoice in Seconds

VistaCreate has dozens of free invoices for freelancers all to give you a time-advantage in running your business. We’ve been there, so we’ve got your back. With our commercial invoice design creator, you will always be quick & sharp when it comes to pocketing a dollar.
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How to Make An Invoice Fast?

Making an invoice from scratch using generic software can result in many construction challenges for beginners. If professional level in Excel is not quite your forte, go for VistaCreate. Creating an invoice with us is a breeze for anyone.

Pick A Sample Invoice

Unlike some amature-looking homemade examples, VistaCreate templates always look professional and add credibility to the business. You won’t just be getting a pre-drafted invoice document, no. Discover the power of proper graphic design; It can do miracles when it comes to services valuation.
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Edit and Share With Team

What is your approach to making invoices? Do you prefer to whip up a PDF yourself, or co-create with your assistant? Now you can do all of that and more with VistaCreate express file manager.
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Try Out 680 Different Fonts

Although you may be tempted to think all you need for invoicing is trustworthy Arial, special fonts can make all the difference. Why not mark out the discount with an icon font in your custom design? Your clients will surely appreciate the attention to detail and easy-to-read invoices. Get creative in VistaCreate online designer now.
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What Objects Can I Use in Invoice?

Make things more interesting with the VistaCreate objects feature. Choose a powerful blank invoice example, and then insert an object from our gallery. You can also upload your own logo or photo for a personalized invoice.

Generate Unique Printable Invoice

Want to make an invoice that channels your business image? Add the story-telling details. Make sure to upload your brand’s logo too. Sometimes, a contractor can use a graph or pie chart in the layout to report work results. It is all within your grasp.
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Tips for Invoices That Keep Up Business

Pick a template that suits your industry
An accounting consulting firm’s invoice is expected to look a lot different to an invoice from a beauty salon. Luckily, the VistaCreate media library provides endless solutions. You’ll find endless unique templates that can fit any kind of business to the specifics.
Insert your logo and pick a standard font
As soon as you get to billing people, things get serious. Which means the time has come to leave Comic Sans behind. To keep a consistent presence in your documents, always use the company logo and stick to web-friendly fonts.
Explain your billing
It is always useful to break down the cost for the client in your invoice. Acknowledging the discounts and extra work helps you to justify the cost, and gives clients a better understanding of the job done.
Take time to be grateful
However good you’re doing, always remember that your clients are the reason why you’re doing it. Adding a humble “Thank you for your business!” in your invoice is a gracious way to keep up the relationship.

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How to Create an Invoice

Choose a Template

Go to the Invoices section in VistaCreate and pick a template that fits your business best. Keep in mind that you can adjust the color palette down the road.

Fill In the Blank

Insert your information, numbers, notes, and services description in the text section of the invoice. Change the fonts and colors in your template as desired.

Customize Design

Upload and add your company logo. You can also insert address, website, and any creative imaging needed for the proper liquidation report.

Download and Send

When you’re done with the design, download the file in any of your preferred formats — usually, the PDF is the way to go.


What if I can’t find a template that I need?

In VistaCreate editor you can deconstruct any template and then build it back together in the way that you like it. If you feel that none of the templates fit the images in your head quite right, you can build your own from scratch to suit whatever needs you have in the best way.

How to do an invoice for the freelance job?

Need to send an invoice email to get paid for a freelance job? Congratulations! It’s very easy. You will see in our templates that all you need is basic descriptions of the goods or services provided, plus easily obtainable bank information.

Are all the fields in VistaCreate invoices editable?

Yes, all parts of our VistaCreate layouts are editable. You can change text or logo, add or remove a background, grid, and even move things around. However, be careful so that it does not impact the best possible printing readability for your invoice when sent over.

How do I work with the design objects in VistaCreate?

When you’re working in the VistaCreate editor, open the Objects category and find the object you need. Add it to your design, then drag and drop wherever you’d like it to be. Working with objects is equally easy in VistaCreate on iOS, Android, desktop, or mobile.

Thousands of Design Templates

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