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Create an eye-catching mood board easily and quickly with VistaCreate. Idea boards can help you establish a visual direction, provide a sense of your project’s aesthetic, and guide the creative process. Design mood boards online using our simplified features and tools!
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Reflect your ideas with a stunning mood board

Demonstrate your creativity with a single striking visual. Use VistaCreate’s professionally-made templates to set the right tone and direction for your project with an inspiration board. Creating mood boards can help you not only set the right creative direction for your project, but also share your ideas with colleagues, clients, or collaborators.
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Convenient features to create inspiring mood boards

Benefit from VistaCreate’s customization features and illustrate your ideas through an aesthetic moodboard. Present your fashion, digital, or other projects to clients and share thoughts with your audience through an inspiration board design.

Amazing layouts

Our designers have created impressive mood board templates for any taste and purpose. Use them to get started with your board or get a dose of inspiration from VistaCreate’s examples to make your own design.
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Full editing power

Easily create your own idea board design with ready-made templates, where all the elements are editable. Replace objects, change text lines, and make all the necessary edits to get your perfect mood board design.
Lovely Food Collection With Autumn Vibes Autumn Garments In Colors Of Season Promotion

Aesthetic fonts

When making a mood board, it is necessary for all the components to compliment each other. In our free mood board maker, there are plenty of fonts, so you’ll definitely find one that suits your design.
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Exceptional add-ons

Explore more than 13,000 animated objects in our mood board creator. Benefit from the wide variety of graphic elements, ornaments, and shapes for your designs. Create an outstanding inspiration board with awesome add-ons.
Mood Board Mood Board

Simplified customization

Your Idea Customize the layout to deliver your ideas. Upload your own images to personalize the mood board. Animate your design or add audio to make your design project stand out.
Lovely Food Collection With Autumn Vibes Autumn Garments In Colors Of Season Promotion

How to create a mood board with VistaCreate

  • Step 1
    Sign in to VistaCreate
    Create a VistaCreate account to have your projects autosaved. Choose the Mood Board format to start making your design.
  • Step 2
    Select the template
    Explore hundreds of templates that VistaCreate has to offer and pick the perfect one for your idea board.
  • Step 3
    Customize your board
    Personalize your design with your own images. Insert gifs, animation, and other design objects, or add sound and catchy text to your mood board.
  • Step 4
    Download or share
    Now you’re done! Download the mood board in your preferred format or share it directly from the VistaCreate interface.

Several tips on how to make engaging mood boards

  • Create a heading

    Some people absorb information better through text. So, when you’re creating a mood board for your project, give it a name that reflects your main message. It may help to better understand the concept and idea you want your board to deliver.

  • Select proper images

    To make your mood board engaging, think about the images you want to include. Use different sizes, show large and small design elements, and add accents to the photo. Make your mood board a visual story, not just a picture.

  • Balance your design

    The most important thing to always keep in mind is harmony. All elements of your mood board should complement each other. Carefully choose between fonts and color palettes. Make sure that nothing clashes with the general concept of your board.

  • Design it your way

    Get inspired by your favorite designer’s works or through catchy examples found on the Internet, but don’t create an exact replica of the existing visual. Identify the aim and the concept of your idea board and set the tone and mood of your visuals. Design the board in your own style and convey your vision through it.


  • What is a mood board?

    A mood board is a visual presentation of a project, which consists of images, a color palette, and other elements. It is often the starting step of the design process. For example, you could create a mood board for a website or interior design.

    A mood board can help you clarify and communicate your ideas visually, making it easier to grasp the overall look, feel, and mood of a project. It also acts as a roadmap, guiding your creative process by setting a clear tone, style, and aesthetic direction. When working with a team, a concept board ensures everyone shares a common understanding of the project’s visual direction, minimizing any misunderstandings you might have. Besides, presenting a mood board to clients provides a tangible representation of your vision, making it easier for them to offer feedback and align their expectations.
  • What is the difference between an online vision board and a mood board?

    A mood board is a planning tool used to communicate the aesthetic vision and design of your project, while an online vision board is more about feelings, and is created to inspire and motivate. The main difference lies in their purpose and context. An online vision board is focused on personal goals and aspirations, while a concept board is geared towards creative projects and aims to communicate a specific mood or idea.
  • What shouldn’t a good mood board include?

    Good moodboards shouldn’t include long phrases or texts and repeated or stereotypical images. Also, it is better to avoid elements that don’t complement each other.
  • Can I make an idea board with my own images?

    Sure, you can. Use any of the mood board templates in VistaCreate and upload your images to replace the existing ones. You can upload your files to the editor by going to the “Uploads” tab on the artboard. Then, click the “Upload Image or Video” button and select pictures from your computer. Note that you can also upload videos, fonts, and music to the platform for creating mood boards that are more personalized.
  • How can I make my own mood board?

    You can create mood boards using ready-made templates to save yourself time. This is especially convenient for those who have no design skills or previous experience. In VistaCreate, you can select a mood board template that fits your project or idea and quickly customize it. Change colors and fonts in your design, and upload your images or videos to make it more personalized. Enhance your visual with objects from our collection: shapes, icons, illustrations, emojis, and more.
  • What are the 5 components of a mood board?

    A mood board is a visual tool used to convey the overall mood, style, and concept of a project or idea. It typically consists of a collection of images, textures, colors, typography, and other visual elements that help communicate the intended feel or atmosphere. While there isn’t a strict rule on the exact components of an idea board, five common elements often included are: images, color palette, typography, text, and decorative design elements.
  • Can I collaborate with others on a concept board?

    Certainly! Collaborating on a design can significantly enhance the quality and clarity of your project. Incorporating collaboration into your board creation process enhances creativity, builds a sense of shared ownership and teamwork among collaborators, and ultimately results in a more refined and compelling visual direction for your project. You can create a team account in VistaCreate to collaborate on your design with colleagues. Note that this feature is only available for VistaCreate Pro users.

Hundreds of templates

Get inspired with the layouts in our media library and start creating your own standout designs. Choose a mood board template that fits your idea and customize it in the editor using convenient features and tools.

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Charlotte Polley
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Rick Blyth
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