Resize images quickly with VistaCreate

If you are looking for a smart online tool to quickly resize a picture, use VistaCreate’s resizing feature. Easily change sizes of .jpg, .png, or .jpeg images to get the visuals you need. Resize an image online in VistaCreate and make awesome designs with custom dimensions.
Resize images online

Create with the easy picture resizer and design editor

VistaCreate photo editor allows you to adjust the size of an image for several platforms in just a few clicks. You will also find plenty of design features and editing tools for easy design making. Resize, crop, or rotate your photos, remove image backgrounds, add animations, and edit your images to bring your creative ideas to life.
  • Resize your photo

    A photo resizer is a basic tool that will do wonders for your content. Set dimensions and scale to make your image fit any platform’s requirements. Easily resize photos for your website, logo, collage, wallpaper, and more.

  • Resize an image

    You can change the image size of any picture to fit different social media, blog illustrations, print, or ad formats — just choose one from the preset options or type in the dimensions of your final design manually. In VistaCreate’s image resizer, you can set your desired format in pixels, inches, or centimeters.

  • Upload your content

    Personalize different designs by adding your own content in a few simple steps. Select a design format, pick the best template for your idea, and click the Upload button to add your pic or video to the canvas.

  • Add animation

    Want to increase engagement? Add animation to your designs and captivate audiences with your visuals! Apply animated effects to an image, text, or design element, and create thumb-stopping designs that impress your audience.

  • Play with details

    Add shapes to pictures, use stickers to highlight key points, and access hundreds of various design objects in VistaCreate. Experiment with transparency and layer up your designs to create eye-catching visuals for any occasion.

  • Remove a background

    Remove an image background in one click with the VistaCreate design creator. Replace your background with a solid color, your own image, or make it transparent to emphasize the most important parts of your design.

Reasons to use VistaCreate’s image resizer

There is no need to cope with complicated software or search for special apps for your pc. Instead, access easy-to-use resizing tools and cool design features in VistaCreate, and easily make edits to any of your visuals. Save time by using multiple image resize to cover all your content needs, and create standout visuals for several channels at once.
  • Resizing pictures in VistaCreate is as easy as pie. Just upload your image to VistaCreate, add it to a blank design page, and click the Resize button on the top panel of the app interface. Search for a format in the preset options or set a custom size. In VistaCreate, you can set as many custom dimensions as you wish and resize your image to multiple sizes at once. Besides, all recently used sizes are shown first to optimize your design process.

  • Resize or rescale an image in VistaCreate without losing quality. Choose your dimensions from preset options, or set custom ones in seconds. In VistaCreate, you can find preset image formats for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, and other key socials. Use the search bar in the Resize tab to quickly find a format you need.

  • VistaCreate is not just a simple size changer for images. Yes, it can make a picture smaller or larger, but it offers so much more. This design software can also help adjust colors, add text, and create stunning visual content for socials, blogs, marketing, or ads.

  • Cover all of your content needs with VistaCreate’s photo resizer! Easily resize any picture for Instagram or for a Facebook page. By the way, you can resize your image to multiple sizes in one go! Simply select formats or set dimensions, get your resized pictures, and continue editing each of them in a new tab.

How to resize an image with VistaCreate

  • 1
    Upload an image
    Sign in to your VistaCreate account or create a new one to get started. Go to My Files in the VistaCreate interface and click the Upload button.
  • 2
    Add the image to your artboard
    Select a design format or choose a blank canvas to work in. Place your image onto the canvas to start editing.
  • 3
    Resize your picture
    Find the Resize button in the top panel and set your desired size. You can also search for the necessary image format, and choose one or several preset dimensions.
  • 4
    Download and share
    Download your final result. Save the resized image in a desired format (JPG, PNG, PNG Transparent, PDF Standard, or PDF Print), or share your design directly from the editor.

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  • Can I resize a JPG in VistaCreate?

    Of course! You can resize all popular image formats such as JPG, PNG, and JPEG in VistaCreate’s picture resizer. You can also choose a format for your download.
  • Should I upload the same image twice to make it in two different formats?

  • Can I add my resized pictures on ready-made templates?