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Create, contribute, and earn

Create and contribute new templates for VistaCreate to earn money and produce infinite design opportunities for other creators.

How does it work?

Create an account

Sign up on VistaCreate, set up your own creative space, and contribute your works to the editor in order to earn money.

Review the guidelines

It’s necessary to join our Facebook group to find out what you can design for contribution, including relevant formats, design themes, and other guidelines.

Create and submit

Create a unique template using any design elements from VistaCreate’s media library. When you’re ready, submit your work for review.

Contribute and earn

Once our team approves your design, you’ll get paid for the contribution, which will soon turn into a customizable template.

Why contribute to VistaCreate?

Channel creativity and earn money by contributing your art to VistaCreate. By creating new VistaCreate templates, you will create new design opportunities for over 10 million users worldwide.

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Easily design and earn money

VistaCreate is user-friendly, and creating designs with it is easy and fun. In addition, you get paid up to $5 for each contribution.
Join the design community

Join the design community

Make sure you’re a member of VistaCreate Contributors Creative Hub to connect with other contributors and keep up to date with product news from the VistaCreate team.
Make design more available

Make design more available

Empower VistaCreate with your contributions. Create visuals for different occasions, holidays, and events, making design available to more people around the globe.

Technical details

Only English text, please

VistaCreate templates are used by people from all over the world. Let’s make them available to as many people as possible by writing text in English.

Use only VistaCreate content

When designing a visual for contribution, it’s crucial to only use images, fonts, animations, and other design objects from VistaCreate’s media library.

Start with a fixed format

Create designs using format presets. This way, your designs will be sized correctly, allowing our team to add your contributions to the editor faster.

Contribute without limits

To be able to check out up-to-date design formats and themes for contributions, join the Contributors Creative Hub. Then, create and contribute as many designs as you want.

Become a contributor

Please fill out this form, so that we can contact you about the details for your upcoming contributions.

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