Design templates.
Get paid doing what you love.

Create new templates for VistaCreate and contribute them to our library — we’re more than happy to reward you as a contributor once your designs are accepted. Do what you love, get paid for doing it, and get more eyes on your designs.

How to earn money online with the Contributor Program

  • Step 1
    Fill in the form
    Fill in the form on this page to become a contributor. Once your request is approved, move on to content selling guidelines and submission details before you start designing.
  • Step 2
    Review guidelines
    You should join our contributor Facebook group to get the latest information on relevant formats, topics, themes, and other important guidelines on selling designs.
  • Step 3
    Design and submit
    Start designing unique templates according to briefs. Find them in the Design Brief tab in My Projects and use any design element from the VistaCreate media library. When you’re ready, submit your work for review to sell your designs.
  • Step 4
    Get paid once approved
    Sell designs and get paid for your work as soon as the templates pass the approval stage. We’ll go on to turning your templates into customizable ones that will be available for all our clients.

Why become a VistaCreate contributor?

Earn extra money from your work with VistaCreate. You can leverage your skills and experience to deliver designs that will win over the hearts of our clients. Your unique designs will be available to over 10 million users worldwide. Here are 3 main perks for you.
  • Make money doing what you love

    VistaCreate is super intuitive and creating designs with it is easy and fun. You get to do what you love and earn money from home too! Sell designs online and get paid $5 for each accepted template.

  • Become part of a design community

    As a contributor, you can join the VistaCreate Contributors Creative Hub. Get an opportunity to connect with other contributors, learn more about selling content, and keep up to date with the latest news on VistaCreate.

  • Making design more accessible

    Our clients are always on the lookout for new designs! Create visuals for different occasions, holidays, and events. Sell templates online and your designs will be available to more people around the globe.

How does it work?

  • 1
    Create an account
    Sign up on VistaCreate, set up your own creative space, and contribute your works to the editor in order to earn money.
  • 2
    Review the guidelines
    It’s necessary to join our Facebook group to find out what you can design for contribution, including relevant formats, design themes, and other guidelines.
  • 3
    Create and submit
    Create a unique template using any design elements from VistaCreate’s media library. When you’re ready, submit your work for review.
  • 4
    Contribute and earn
    Once our team approves your design, you’ll get paid for the contribution, which will soon turn into a customizable template.

Important details

  • English text only please

    VistaCreate has clients all over the world. Please make sure you write the text in English so that the templates are accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Use VistaCreate content

    We require that you use images, fonts, animations, and other design objects from the VistaCreate media library. This helps us quickly create customizable templates from your submissions.

  • Start with a preset format

    To sell a design online, use the available VistaCreate formats. This way, your designs will be perfectly sized, allowing our team to quickly add your templates to the editor.

  • Refer to Contributors Hub

    Join the Contributors Creative Hub to stay up-to-date with content in demand (design formats, themes, and topics). Review briefs, create as many templates as you want, and sell content online.

Become a contributor

Please fill out the form below. We’ll contact you with further details about becoming a contributor for VistaCreate.