Remove the Background from Any Image

Remove backgrounds from images in just a few seconds! Using VistaCreate’s new magic feature, you can save your time on manual adjustments. Quickly get rid of photo backgrounds and get your visuals to perfectly complement your designs.

See how Background Remover works

Whether you have a minimalistic background or a detailed one, Background Remover can erase anything! The tool works for any pictures — people, pets, objects, and products. After removing the background, leave it transparent or replace it with a new image.

How to remove the background from a picture

  • 1
    Select an image
    Select the image you want to edit. Upload your own or choose one from our library.
    Select an image
  • 2
    Apply the tool
    Click on the picture. Then, at the top panel of your toolbar, select “Remove Background” to erase the backdrop. Use the Eraser brush tool for more detailed editing.
    Apply the tool
  • 3
    Choose a desired backgroud
    Select a new background from the patterns and photos provided by VistaCreate or upload your own image. Make it transparent if needed.
    Choose a desired backgroud
  • 4
    Save your image
    After your design is ready, select the format and download the result. Select JPG if you want a solid color, opt for PNG-transparent to keep your background transparent.
    Save your image

Top ideas on how to use Background Remover

Erase the background from your images quickly and easily with VistaCreate. Make the background transparent or delete it entirely, depending on your idea of a picture. Scroll through the options to see 5 ways to use Background Remover:
  • Product images for marketplaces

    Product visuals on a monochrome background are obligatory for all major eCommerce platforms. With VistaCreate editor, you can remove background online and add a white backdrop to the photo in minutes. Just a few tweaks and you’re ready to sell worldwide!

  • Personal use

    Remove the background from an image and use the Resize editing tool to get perfect photos for all types of documents. Edit your family pictures using Eraser to create unforgettable greeting cards and personalized gifts.

  • Brand identity design

    Apply the transparent background maker to your company’s logo. Add it to presentations, websites, newsletters, and business cards. Customize all your collateral materials to increase brand recognition.

  • Marketing and promo materials

    Create transparent background for pics with Background Remover and keep editing them using other VistaCreate features. Give our Sticker Maker a try — it erases the background and highlights your subject with a bright contour all in one click! The Sticker Maker feature will help you create the most captivating visuals for your promo activities and even change your approach to marketing materials forever!

  • Social media content

    Make outstanding visuals for your social media with Background Remover— delete unnecessary elements, isolate the subject, and pick a new eye-catching backdrop. Customize your photos with VistaCreate and tailor them to the latest design trends to make your content seen and shared!

  • Detailed photo editing

    VistaCreate’s Background Remover helps you work with details and polish your designs. Start with an automatic background eraser tool, then use Erase brush to clean smaller elements from the image manually. If you need to rollback the result, click on Restore brush. Two simple handy tools in one pack!

4 reasons to love the VistaCreate background removal feature

Feel free to edit images as you wish and experiment with designs! Use our automatic remover to clear the backdrop first, then let the magic of design begin. Here’s why our clients love the tool:
Instant editing
Transparent background
Highlighting subjects
Creative assets
Instant editing
Save time by not having to watch long tutorials on how to use complicated editing programs and tools. Simply upload your picture to VistaCreate online editor, click on the Remove Background button, and you’re done!
Instant editing
Transparent background
Background remover can not only delete backgrounds, but also make them transparent. Apply this feature, and you can use isolated objects for winning marketing materials or merchandise items based on your design
Transparent background
Highlighting objects
If you need to highlight an object or subject of a photo for event posters and ads, the background removal feature is the way to go. To make the key element stand out, delete the background from the image, and pick a monochrome background that will draw all the attention to the main subject in the photo.
Highlighting objects
Embrace your creativity
After removing the background, you can play around with the design by adding filters and styles, animating your subjects, and so on. Use ready-made backgrounds, templates, and photos from our library to find the best one for your pic. Also, upload your own photos and videos to customize the design.
Embrace your creativity


  • How does the background remover tool work?

    It is based on neural networks. The algorithm analyzes a picture, determines the primary and secondary objects, and then removes the background respectively.
  • How do I remove white background from an image?

    Yes, you can. Just upload your image and click “Remove Background”. Save the received picture as a PNG transparent file.
  • Can I make a background transparent?

    Upload your image to the editor and use the background removal tool. Then, click on the Download button and select the PNG-transparent option. Done!
  • Can I edit the image after cleaning up the background?

    Yes, you can. Use any editing tools that VistaCreate has to offer. Change the opacity, add different objects and texts, apply various styles, and animate your image, to create a design you’ll love.
  • Can I restore my background after removing it?

    Yes. If you want to restore your image’s original background, just click “Undo Removal” on the top panel at any editing stage.