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Need a quick brochure design to promote your business? With VistaCreate, you have hundreds of easily customizable brochure templates for any idea. Restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, event agencies, and travel tours: select the design that fits your business and adjust it to your brand style in a few clicks. You can create your own brochure even if you don’t have design skills. Explore templates today in our free online brochure maker!
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Get it printed!
Get it printed!
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The perks of custom brochures

Why create brochures in a digital world? There are several perks! They are easy to distribute: just place your brochures at local fares or coffee shops where potential customers can access them. They are cost-effective — especially if you order brochure printing in bulk.
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Make stunning brochures with VistaCreate

From words to practice… Here is all you need to create a beautiful brochure in half the time. With our brochure creator, you only need a laptop or a smartphone, and a little investment of your time.

Professional photos

Create brochures online with our collection of 70 million royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors. You can select an image by topic or mood in the VistaCreate library or upload your own files.
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53,000 design objects

With our brochure creator, you can customize designs using static objects. Find objects in different styles in the sidebar menu of the artboard as you edit your projects. Use keywords to quickly find relevant objects for your brochure designs.
Brochure Maker Brochure Maker

Your own stickers

Another way to make your brochures stand out is our Sticker Maker. Upload your photos to the editor and instantly turn them into stickers. This is perfect for grabbing people’s attention and making your designs fun.
List of Safety Rules During Covid Pandemic

680 fonts

Brochures are perfect for promoting your brand. And the fonts you use matter! Find typography that perfectly matches your brand in VistaCreate or upload your own. Use decorative fonts for taglines or headlines and simple ones for paragraphs.
Brochure Maker

One-click Background Remover

If you’re using an image in your design, you can also easily remove its background. This will help you eliminate distractions and focus on what matters in the visual. With the Background Remover, it will take one click to do so.
List of Safety Rules During Covid Pandemic Animal Care

Quick resize to other platforms

After creating a design in the editor, adjust it to different social media platforms and reach more people online. You can resize your design to multiple formats or set custom dimensions in VistaCreate.
Brochure Maker Brochure Maker

Print option

Whether you use a pre-made template or create a design from scratch, you can send your project for print in just a few clicks. Once you’re done with the design, click “Print Online” to place your order and get it delivered to your doorstep.
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How to make brochures in VistaCreate

  • Step 1

    Pick a template

    Browse printable brochure templates for various businesses.

    1. Sign up for VistaCreate. Log in and begin your project to save all your edits.

    2. Select the brochure format. The format already has a pre-set brochure size, so there is no need to worry about dimensions.

    3. Choose a perfect layout. Once you’ve chosen a format, browse through our beautiful templates. Whether you’re organizing a concert or opening a snack bar, we have templates crafted just for you.

  • Step 2

    Edit your brochure

    Edit your brochure to match your brand style.

    1. Adjust colors and fonts. Apply your brand colors and fonts to your brochure; this will ensure your marketing materials follow a consistent style.

    2. Personalize the message. Add your product description or any other necessary information to your brochure.

    3. Add photos or objects. Upload product shots to use them in your design. Finish by adding objects to your template.

  • Step 3

    Download, share, or print

    Download your brochure or send it for print right from VistaCreate.

    1. Download the brochure. Once you finish your design, download it in JPG or PDF Print if you plan to print your brochure; JPG or PNG for digital projects.

    2. Order prints. You can send your design for print right from VistaCreate — doorstep delivery is included.

    3. Share online. You can also share your brochure online using a unique link.

All-in-one design editor
Whether you need a design for print, like a custom brochure, or a visual for your social media, VistaCreate has you covered.
Vast media library
Use royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors in your designs. VistaCreate has a media library of 70 million creative assets, plus a collection of free music.
Bite-size tutorials
No experience in design? Don’t worry! We have short video tutorials on how to use editing tools, customize templates, or work with different formats.
Get full design power with
  • Access thousands of premium templates for your projects

  • Design using files from a library of 150M+ photos, videos, vectors

  • Remove backgrounds from your images with a single click

  • Unlock infinite Brand Kits, unlimited storage, and version history

  • Collaborate with up to 10 members in your Team Account

  • Make your own stickers, quickly resize designs, and more


  • How do I define the safe zone in my brochure?

    No worries, it’s already done for you in the VistaCreate editor! You’ll see a red line on your design when you open a selected template and make a brochure online. It marks where you can place all essential design elements without worrying about affecting your design during printing.
  • Can I add pages to my brochure?

    Sure! Find pages at the bottom of the artboard when creating a brochure online. That’s where you can add or delete pages from your project. You can also duplicate pages and then edit them on the artboard.
  • How do I create a sticker for my brochure?

    You can create a sticker by uploading a photo to the editor or selecting one from our library. Go to “Edit Image” in the header menu of the artboard and click the “Sticker Maker” button. After creating a sticker, you can edit the thickness and color of its border. Then, add it to your digital brochure and adjust if needed.
  • Can I add animated elements to my brochure?

    If you’re creating a digital brochure, you can animate your design in VistaCreate. Animate text, objects, images, backgrounds, or any other element on your template by clicking “Animate” in the header menu. Experiment with different animated effects to make a design that truly stands out. You can also add animated objects to your project to make it even more unique and engaging.
  • How do I adjust a brochure template to match my brand style?

    All VistaCreate templates are fully customizable, so you can edit any element in your brochure and upload your content. To match a brochure design to your brand style, upload your logo, fonts, colors, and pictures to the editor. Build your own Brand Kit in VistaCreate and quickly apply it to any template you customize in the editor. This will save you time!
  • How do I print my brochure?

    Once you are done with your design, click on the “print” icon in the header menu to place your print order right from VistaCreate. You’ll be redirected to the VistaPrint website, where you can enter your shipping information and all the necessary details. Your design will be printed and delivered right to your doorstep.

    The printing functionality is available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, India, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

What our users say about VistaCreate

Charlotte Polley
Charlotte Polley
owner of Boo’s Toy Shop.
Using VistaCreate has enabled me to grow my marketing and content skills. People have noticed that my content has changed across social media and I am loving the comments.
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Jennifer Parr
Jennifer Parr
founder of DIYvinci, an online arts and crafts store.
When you’re a small business owner wearing multiple hats, using a tool like VistaCreate that saves time is crucial. You also don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to be able to develop good designs for your company.
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Kirsty Cleverly
Kirsty Cleverly
owner of Bonjour Quilts, an online quilt pattern store.
My visuals now look better than anything I could just come up with on my own. VistaCreate makes graphic design so much quicker and easier for me, leaving me with more time to put back into my business. It has been such a force multiplier!
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Lisa Harvey
Lisa Harvey
owner of Content Perfection.
VistaCreate has massive functionality and I love that it’s just so easy to use. It allows my ideas to come to life. And that has helped me with selling my services and products to clients and prospects tenfold.
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Rick Blyth
Rick Blyth
Micro SaaS apps developer.
It’s just so quick to create graphics using VistaCreate that it almost feels like cheating. As everything is fully customizable, I’m able to quickly create designs consistent with my brand very quickly.”
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