Schedule maker to help you stay organized

Make your own custom schedule for personal or business use with our free schedule maker. Design the perfect planner that will motivate you to stay organized. You don’t need to spend hours on complex design software, make an easy and quick planner with VistaCreate.
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Get it printed!
Get it printed!
Get it printed!
  • Pick a template and customize it

  • Download, share, or order prints

  • Get prints delivered to your doorstep

Make a schedule to improve your organizational skills

Use the VistaCreate schedule maker and explore all the features that will make your designs unique in minutes. With the online schedule planner, you can easily design exactly the documents you need to plan your work or study.
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Create a schedule and customize it with these tools

VistaCreate’s schedule maker gives you a wide range of features to create a schedule, a planner, or other organizational files Create a schedule from scratch or select any of the professionally-designed templates to get started right now.

Access free templates

With an endless library of templates for digital and print designs, you’ll always know where to come for inspiration. We have a variety of free schedule templates made by expert designers: weekly planners, monthly schedules, workout planners, and more. Pick one and customize it in a matter of minutes!
Weekly Planner on Pink Texture Personal Planner with Illustration of Little Stars Study Planner Illustration Halloween Wishlist with Bats Silhouettes on Orange

Easy editing features

VistaCreate’s schedule generator enables you to make edits to templates until you like the end result. You can edit any aspect of it: the layout, text, background, colors, and more. Upload your own design content to make it even more personalized and unique!
Weekly Planner on Pink Texture Personal Planner with Illustration of Little Stars

Hundreds of fonts

Enjoy access to more fonts than you could possibly use in one document. Pick from 680+ fonts for 25 languages or upload your own to VistaCreate’s online schedule planner.
Schedule Planner Schedule Planner

Make custom designs

Use VistaCreate’s free online schedule maker to create branded planners. Customize the chosen template with your brand colors and add your company’s logo. To do so, upload your brand kit elements to VistaCreate and apply your branding in just one click.
Weekly Planner on Pink Texture Personal Planner with Illustration of Little Stars

Resize your design

If you want to optimize your print schedule for the web and vice versa, you can resize schedule templates without manually adjusting the design. It’s easy! Click “Resize” and select the formats you need from the list.
Schedule Planner Schedule Planner Schedule Planner

Print option

Send your design for print right after it’s done! Edit a template or create a design from scratch, then click “Print Online” and place your order through VistaPrint. Choose the number of copies, paper, and finish, and enter your shipping info. Wait for your prints to be delivered to your doorstep.
Weekly Planner on Pink Texture Personal Planner with Illustration of Little Stars Study Planner Illustration

Tips for making awesome schedules

  • Experiment with layout

    Don’t be afraid to get creative with your design. VistaCreate’s free schedule maker allows you to make as many changes as you want. You can shift the position of design elements and flip or rotate objects, too.

  • Play with fonts and styles

    Although Arial and Times New Roman are the basic and most-used fonts, try exploring new options. There is so much more you can convey with different styles. Improve readability and draw more attention to primary text in your schedule template with the right fonts.

  • Get inspired by templates

    When elaborating on your design, browse VistaCreate’s library of 100K+ templates for inspiration. If you like a color scheme, fonts, or graphic elements of some templates, repeat them in the design you’re making with our free schedule creator. Feel free to borrow ideas from ready-made templates to create a design that is just perfect for you.

  • Keep it simple, keep it legible

    Whatever your organizer is meant for, clarity is key to its effectiveness. Avoid cluttering your schedule with details that won’t be useful or printable. When working with VistaCreate’s schedule maker, stick to simple designs that will help you work with the schedule once you’re done.

Get full design power with
  • Access thousands of premium templates for your projects

  • Design using files from a library of 100M+ photos, videos, vectors

  • Remove backgrounds from your images with a single click

  • Unlock infinite Brand Kits, unlimited storage, and version history

  • Collaborate with up to 10 members in your Team Account

  • Make your own stickers, quickly resize designs, and more

How to make a planner in VistaCreate

  • Step 1
    Create a VistaCreate account
    Sign up with VistaCreate. A single account gives you access to design tools and media content. Your designs will automatically save and you can revisit them anytime.
  • Step 2
    Select a professional template
    Start your creative process by picking the right template. Browse through hundreds of free schedule templates to find the design that works best for your business. Type in “Schedule planner” in a search bar for quick results.
  • Step 3
    Customize design components
    The artboard is very simple to navigate. You can manipulate just about any part of your design, from the layout to the text. Add or replace graphics, and upload your own images or fonts to a schedule template.
  • Step 4
    Download, share, or print
    Share your finished design online or download it in JPG, PNG, or PDF format in a click. If you want to print it, place an order directly through VistaCreate and have your printables delivered right to your doorstep.


  • What types of custom schedules can I design in your schedule maker?

    Using VistaCreate, you can make any schedule you need — itinerary planners, weekly schedules, beauty routines, meal plans, calendar planners, etc. Pick a daily schedule template if you need to make a planner for your everyday routine.
    VistaCreate is also an effective educational timetable maker both for teachers and students. Browse all the class schedule templates to find one you like and customize it with VistaCreate’s free college and school schedule maker.
  • How much does it cost to design a schedule in VistaCreate?

    With schedule builder, you can create a schedule for free. All the templates in VistaCreate are absolutely free, as are all the Starter plan tools and creative assets. Pick a schedule template, choose a font, and add stickers or photos to create a personalized schedule design.
  • I can’t find suitable schedule templates. What should I do?

    There’s no aesthetic our schedule maker templates don’t cover, so you can always create unique designs by editing VistaCreate’s templates. Just pick one that provides a good foundation and start editing. You also have the option to start from scratch, with all the numerous images, fonts, and design objects at your disposal.
  • What can I change on a template?

    The short answer is — anything you want. Embrace your creative freedom and the features that VistaCreate’s routine maker has to offer. You can use VistaCreate’s web version or the app on your phone to transform multiple design objects, resize the design, remove photo backgrounds, and change the layout and color schemes.
  • How do I modify design objects in VistaCreate schedule maker?

    The objects tab on the VistaCreate interface allows you to find all the 50K+ design elements we have in our library. Once you click on the object you want to edit, take a look at the upper toolbar of the artboard with editing features. You can change object size or rotate it by dragging its corners. Add lines, borders, icons, shapes, animated effects, and experiment with everything we have to offer.
  • How can I edit the text in my schedule template?

    When you click on the a text block, you’ll see all the settings for it on the top panel of VistaCreate’s schedule builder. Change the text color, transparency, spacing, and try other fonts until you are satisfied with the results.
  • How do I print my schedule template?

    Once you are done with your design, click on the “Print online” button to place your order right from VistaCreate. You’ll be redirected to the VistaPrint website, where you can enter your shipping information and all the necessary details. Your design will be printed and delivered right to your doorstep.

    The printing functionality is available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, India, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

What our users say about VistaCreate

Charlotte Polley
Charlotte Polley
owner of Boo’s Toy Shop.
Using VistaCreate has enabled me to grow my marketing and content skills. People have noticed that my content has changed across social media and I am loving the comments.
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Jennifer Parr
Jennifer Parr
founder of DIYvinci, an online arts and crafts store.
When you’re a small business owner wearing multiple hats, using a tool like VistaCreate that saves time is crucial. You also don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to be able to develop good designs for your company.
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Kirsty Cleverly
Kirsty Cleverly
owner of Bonjour Quilts, an online quilt pattern store.
My visuals now look better than anything I could just come up with on my own. VistaCreate makes graphic design so much quicker and easier for me, leaving me with more time to put back into my business. It has been such a force multiplier!
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Lisa Harvey
Lisa Harvey
owner of Content Perfection.
VistaCreate has massive functionality and I love that it’s just so easy to use. It allows my ideas to come to life. And that has helped me with selling my services and products to clients and prospects tenfold.
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Rick Blyth
Rick Blyth
Micro SaaS apps developer.
It’s just so quick to create graphics using VistaCreate that it almost feels like cheating. As everything is fully customizable, I’m able to quickly create designs consistent with my brand very quickly.”
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