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Free concept map maker

Visualize and organize your creative flow with a single visual! Create an effectively structured concept map online with minimal effort using VistaCreate software!

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Capture your ideas in a professional concept map

Draw all your creative insights in the conceptual map with VistaCreate’s design creator. Easily share the concept with your team and set the right direction for your workflow.

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Essential tools for easy concept mapping

Whether you need concept maps for education, engineering, or project management, in VistaCreate you’ll find all the necessary toolkits to create a custom design from scratch. Explore a wealth of design features and effortlessly make a professional concept map.

Free ready-to-use templates

We know it’s not that easy to start with a blank canvas when it comes to concept diagram making. Illustrate even the most complex concept easily and quickly with thousands of professionally designed templates.

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Unlimited editing possibilities

All elements in VistaCreate’s ready-made layouts are totally editable. Choose any template you like and make necessary edits in minutes to implement your map idea.

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Incredible choice of typography styles

Highlight the key points and customize every section of your interactive concept map with the right fonts. Browse hundreds of typography styles in VistaCreate or upload your own font to the editor.


Ability to customize anything

Use any pre-designed template as an example and easily customize it in the VistaCreate design generator. Upload your own image, change text blocks, animate any element - do whatever you want to create a unique graphic design.

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Extensive library of design elements

Discover thousands of objects in the VistaCreate concept map maker. Map out each point using built-in shapes, icons, and other map graphic elements to efficiently structure your information.

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Get full design power with

Creative assets

  • Use 50K+ templates without any download limits
  • Access 50M+ royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors
  • Create with premium music, fonts, backgrounds, and objects

Product features

  • Invite up to 10 members to a team account
  • Create an unlimited number of Brand Kits with colors, logos, and fonts
  • Use unlimited storage to keep your files

Simple steps for creating a complex concept map

Choose the necessary format

To get started, create your VistaCreate account or log into the existing one. Type "concept map" in the search bar and find the necessary format.

Pick up the template

Check out our library of ready-to-use designs and choose the template that best fits your concept. Or get inspired by the sample and start your design from scratch.

Customize your map

Upload your images, use your brand colors and fonts, add shapes, lines, and other objects. Make use of the innovative customizing tools and create your own concept map.

Download and share

Once you’ve finished building your concept map, download the design in the desired image format. Or share your graphic organizer right from the VistaCreate app.

Practical tips on how to do concept mapping

Identify the main focus
Before making a concept map, it is necessary to determine the key idea. The graphic organizer should be based on one question that has to be solved by this map. This main topic will be the starting point of your concept map and it will set the structure of the whole document.
Connect all concepts and points
List all the key ideas related to your central concept and arrange them from general to specific. Connect the points and keep creating branches. Use lines to show relationships between concepts and add text for additional clarification.
Keep the hierarchical structure
To make a concept map engaging and easy to read, it’s better to follow a hierarchical structure. Drag shapes to the blank canvas and place the most generic topics at the top under the main concept. Keep the more specific topics at the bottom.
Use colors to efficiently present information
Make the concept cells in different colors and shapes so that it will be easier to read and remember your concept map. Group your topics and visually combine ideas of the same group. Circle them with a line or make the same color background. Use icons and stickers to highlight the essential points and better illustrate the whole concept.


What is a concept map used for?

A concept map is a graphic tool that visualizes the main idea and the relationships between the topics it consists of. With conceptual maps, you can illustrate everything from a company strategy and goals to the brainstorming results and project evolution. This tool is perfect for business, education, website development, and other fields as it helps visually structure any information or knowledge.

What is the difference between a concept map and a mind map?

Can I collaborate with my team while concept map making?

Can I make a concept map on my phone or tablet?

Thousands of trending templates

Discover the inspiring collection of high-quality templates and create engaging visuals for any occasion like a professional designer!

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