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The menu design is a visit card that sets the tone of your restaurant and makes the first impression of it. Whether you run a fancy restaurant or a local cafe, you want to engage your visitors and turn them into repeat customers. With VistaCreate’s menu maker, every restaurant owner can create or renew a menu card in just a few minutes.
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If you Create Menu for Coffee Shop, Dinner or Drinks, VistaCreate helps to make it with no efforts

Restaurant Menu Templates for Any Taste

Your menu is not just about presenting the food and drink; it’s about communicating your tone and values. So, do you want to make the most out of your in-house advertising? To tell your customers about your offering, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel - just choose any weekly menu template to update it to your needs. VistaCreate has a wonderful variety of menu templates: bar, dinner, cafe, take out, etc. We bet you’ll fall in love with our pre-made templates once and for all.
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Apply Right Font to Your Design

Working in a competitive niche, you need to be creative to hook your potential customers. Words are a cornerstone in the restaurant menu design. Use VistaCreate font collection or upload your own font to make your menu perfect. Try on different styles and see which one fits the best.

Personalize Your Cafe Menu

Have you found something that satisfies your ‘menu template free’ request? Great! Now it’s high time to add a personal touch to your menu and tell your guests about the unique overall experience they can expect to have at your place. For example, if you have a bakery, you can turn a simple bakery menu into a masterpiece your guests will love: just drag and drop images of your offerings, logos, and fonts. VistaCreate helps to create something special that reflects your style and tone.
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Make Edits in a Few Clicks

Do you want to make a French-accented design? You’ve come to the right place: delete a background to keep a focus on your yummy dish and make an elegant and stylish french menu without spending much time. VistaCreate has an in-built editor that allows users to make any changes you may need: move layers, blur elements, add transparency, put effects and filters, write text and much more. It’s time for your inner designer who knows your wants firsthand.
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Change The Size in One Click

Once you’ve made a perfect dessert menu, you want to spread the word about it via all advertising channels: you’re about to print up-to-date menu cards and upload PDF versions to social media networks. Although you need different formats for your advertising goals, there’s no need to work over and over again on your design - choose preset dimensions for the most popular formats or resize an image to your custom dimensions within our editor. Here at VistaCreate, we take care of our users and value your time, so leave it for us.
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Add Custom Objects

If you’ve opened a pizzeria, you may want to create an Italian menu so that it can reflect the restaurant’s theme and style. And the easiest way to do it is to find Italian-related illustrations and stickers. With VistaCreate’s collection of royalty-free design objects, there’s no need to surf the internet in search of perfect shapes, frames, and icons. We’ve found over 30,000 illustrations, so there’s the one-size-fits-all solution for any request.

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How do I adjust the transparency of my graphic designs?

Start by selecting an item. Next, click on the Transparency icon in the pop-up editing menu on your art board. Then, use the scroll bar to set a transparency level, or type in the desired transparency ratio manually. Watch the video tutorial here .

How can I resize my design?

How to transform design objects?

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