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Apply Photo Filters Online in Photo Effects Editor

Ever tried using online photo filters on-the-go for your content? Then you know that they can be crucial for making appealing visuals fast. Picture filters vary depending on the range of your online photo editor effects. As for the free photo filters, VistaCreate leads the way. Make your photo special effects online with us easier than ever!

apply photo effects

Pro Tool for Applying Photo Effects Online with Photo Filter Feature

Choosing VistaCreate is like having your own photo retouch lab. Our online photo effects tool palette is rich and easy. No image will be dull or unflattering anymore in the endless flow of your photo content, videos, and collages with beautiful image effects. Online filters are the solution that saves your time while making killer eye-catching picture effects.

When to Use Online Photo Editing Effects

At the moment when you master photo editing effects, you will feel like opening a magic door. You can convey a million things with the photo filters. Online shop crisp-and-clearness? Or dreamy Instagram stories? If you’re looking to create an outstanding brand feed effortlessly, then photo effects are for you.

Color Picture Effect
When you are in the VistaCreate photo editor, filters let you quickly switch your design’s emotion. The maker has all photos, special effects, and elements to get from the selling and colorful picture to the black-and-white editorial to Instagram filter mode in just one click.
Filter Image to Match Style
As you download free images, icons and elements, keep an eye on the color levels. You would not like to see a patchwork of sloppy colored pics on your leaflet. Avoid it by using the same filters on all images to match their looks.
Mimic Camera Filters Online
If your brand is in the luxury or artisan category, you can simply apply online picture filters to your usual content to mimic the trendy camera lenses. Finally, you can be consistent with your refined brand image, and save a ton of time and money with our online photo effects maker.
When You Have No Idea
No, literally. There are times when you can turn a medium into a message and create the photo special effects to make a quick online gimmick campaign. Think Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe in the world of Instagram filters and #gettymuseumchallenge.

How to Use Photo Effects

Pick an Image

Choose a template, and then choose any element on it you want to change. You can add photos from our database or from your drive.

Open Photo Effects

Click the icon with the glowing square on top of your screen. In the pop-up panel, you will see the palette of filters and pro tools to create effects on your designs.


Cannot find the filters icon? Check out if you’re trying to filter the grouped elements. As the color work differs for different files, you’ll need to ungroup them before filtering.


Try using vignette to finish off your image tastefully. It is a good way to add style to the simple content, such as a single image post on Facebook.


Can I rotate the photos in VistaCreate?

Yes, you absolutely can. Pick the photos from VistaCreate, such as logos, objects or pictures, and rotate them around 360 degrees. From there, you can flip, place and scale them as you wish.

Can I multi-select and change filters on several images at once?

No, sorry. Since the data processing for different types of images is different in this case, you will need to ungroup the items before you can apply the filters.

Will filters make my photos better?

The filters are great for leveling up the pictures in your design and getting a more harmonious effect. However, the image filters will only create the great design when balanced with the other key elements of your visual.

Can I use my Android device to use photo filters in the VistaCreate Editor?

Yes, you can. The VistaCreate app for Android is available on Google Play, it is free and provides all the same features as the VistaCreate desktop version. Install the app, then simply use the Filters feature in the editor.

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