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Our free filters for photos provide endless options for enhancing your images and making photos that reflect your vision. With various filters for pictures in VistaCreate, you can alter the mood of any shot. What’s more, our online photo editor offers tons of customization options for your images besides online photo filters. Apply free photo filters online, experiment with image backgrounds, and stun your audience with your visuals!
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Top design features and cool image filters online

Using VistaCreate is like having your own photo editing lab. Enhance photos with filters or turn dull images into vibrant ones using the best photo effects online. There’s no limit to your creativity! Unleash your imagination and create eye-catching images using our photo filter editor online. Upload your own or choose from our vast library of royalty-free images.
  • Try photo effects on your own images

    Want to apply image effects to your own photo? No problem! Simply upload your photo to our online photo effects maker and start editing! Our editor works with standard file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and JPG formats up to 50 MB and SVG format up to 1 MB. Select the photo you want to edit, upload it to VistaCreate, and experiment with image effects and photo filters for free to make it stand out.

  • Access free photo filters online

    Aesthetic filters instantly change the look and feel of an image. VistaCreate offers tons of free filters to make your images truly eye-catching: Retro, Cali, Drama, and many more. Apply a photo effect you like and adjust its settings if necessary to bring your creative ideas to life. Use can also use our editing features to soften an image, enhance the colors, or sharpen the contrast between light and shadow.

  • Remove the background in one go

    Want to add the subject of your photo to merch or your blog? Try the fast background removal feature in VistaCreate and erase your image background in one go. Forget about the complicated editing process – everything is done automatically! You can remove your photo background, make it transparent, or even set another image as background in our photo filter editor online.

  • Enhance your photo with a frame

    Using frames and borders for photos allows you to add a finishing touch that draws the eye into the image. Our selection of frames enables you to creatively offset your image to suit your brand and what you intend to use your photo for. If you want an understated option, add a simple border and adjust the thickness and color. The vignette effect is another way to pull your viewers into your photo.

  • Turn your photos into fun stickers

    Stickers are fun and an excellent way to advertise your brand. VistaCreate provides an easy-to-use sticker maker as well as photo filters online. You can make branded stickers to promote your business on various channels. ​Or create a printable sticker design for personal use, handing them out to friends and family as a unique way to remember an occasion.

  • Sharing is easy with VistaCreate

    When you finish applying filters for pictures online, you can download your images in the available formats. VistaCreate provides many downloading options to choose from: PNG, JPG, PDF, PDF Print, and PNG Transparent. Select the format that suits your purpose and download your snazzy new photo for free! You can also apply image filters online and share your photos right from the editor.

Tips for using free photo filters online

It’s easy to get carried away with applying filters and effects when they can make such an impact. Here are a few tips for using them effectively in your designs.
  • Identify the focal point in your image

    Before you add photo effects, identify the focal point in your image. Anything you do to alter your photo should enhance this primary subject. Your focal point may be a person, object, or entire area within a scene. As you add filters and effects, keep in mind that you want them to accentuate and draw attention to the subject in the image.

  • Know your design goals

    VistaCreate’s photo filters online allow you to up your design game to give you a marketing or branding edge. As you dive into the filters and effects, think about what you want to accomplish with the finished product. Each change you make should help boost your design to achieve your goal.

  • Think beyond the image

    If your photo is just one element of the product you are creating, keep in mind the rest of the project while editing the image. Make changes to create a cohesive look and feel. One of the cool photo effects is the “Apply colors from image” effect. When you have text in your design, you can use this tool to automatically change the text colors to match your image color theme.

  • Consider other uses for the image

    You might choose a photograph based on an idea for one design or product, but how else can you use it? Perhaps you intend to create a social media post, but the image would also be great for a flyer or poster. In VistaCreate, you can easily resize an image to fit different platforms. Apply the photo filter online to create an image you can use for multiple channels and easily resize it to the desired format.

4 easy steps to apply filters for photos

  • 1

    Choose your image

    Choose a template or start with a blank canvas to open the editor. Select an image from our creative assets library or upload your own photo by clicking “Upload Image or Video” in the “Uploads” tab.
  • 2

    Apply the filter

    Click on the image you want to edit and select “Edit Image” in the header menu. Explore various filters for pictures to choose the best one for your image and adjust the intensity to get the desired look.
  • 3

    Adjust your image

    Explore other photo effects online in the tab and customize your image as you want. Adjust the tilt shift, contrast, and brightness, blur your image, or remove the background – the options are endless.
  • 4

    Add final touches

    Once you’re done with photo effects online, add a stylish frame or tune your picture with other features and tools in the editor. Then download your image in the desired format or share it online.

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  • What are filters for photos?

    Photo filters alter an image’s appearance by changing the shade, tone, colors, or pixels in all or part of a photograph. They can give the shot a different look, texture, and mood.
  • What are photo effects used for?

    Image effects allows you to enhance your photo and make it stand out. Some effects are elements that can be added to your image, while others alter the existing image. Access plenty of photo effects free of charge in VistaCreate and make your photo stand out on the social media feed.
  • How do I apply photo effects?

    Using VistaCreate’s online photo editor, you can apply multiple effects in several clicks. Select the image you want to edit, click on the “Edit Image” tab, and choose from various photo filters online. Adjust the intensity of processing effects with a slider to fine-tune the results.
  • Does VistaCreate provide photo filters online for free?

    Not all online image filters are free, but VistaCreate’s are! Easily upload your own photos or choose from our vast library of royalty-free images and apply stunning filters for free to create fabulous pictures for your needs.