International Women's Day

While, in some regions, the celebration of Women’s Day falls into a romantically colored category of womanhood and femininity celebration, worldwide this holiday promotes women's equality and symbolizes the fight for women’s rights.

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Saint Patrick's Day

It is a yearly celebration of Ireland’s patron saint that has been widely distributed around the globe by Irish immigrant communities. Nowadays, St Patrick’s lively traditions and vivid nature are warmly welcomed by other cultures.

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International Day of Happiness

A rather new holiday on the calendar, this Day has been found in 2008 by the UN organization to commemorate Happiness as one of the basic human rights.

World Storytelling Day

Once a holiday was made to celebrate the art of oral storytelling. And in all towns, the storytellers gathered to tell stories to as many people as possible.

The First Day of Spring

The First Day of Spring is celebrated on the day of Spring Equinox when the length of day and night equals. From there on the daylight hours start to add. It is a remarkable astronomical occasion that is shared by all people at once.

World Water Day

An international observation set by the United Nations to mark the importance of the freshwater and support the efforts to make it available for all.

National Puppy Day in the USA

Cuteness overload alert! This day has been set by the dog lovers in 2006 to celebrate the warmth and affection that puppies bring to human lives.


The Passover lasts for a whole week in early spring and celebrates the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt. The word Passover refers to the night when God passed by the houses, killing the Egyptian firstborns and sparing the Jews.

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Holi is an Indian festival to celebrate the coming of spring and new beginnings. The celebration lasts for a night and a day. The night is for the sacred bonfires, while the day is for throwing bright color powders and lots of laughs.

The upcoming holidays

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