The only social media calendar you need

We created this marketing calendar to help every marketer out there smartly plan their activities for the whole year. Everyone who is somehow involved in planning and implementation of a marketing strategy – this calendar is for you!
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Why use a social media planning calendar?

Without a calendar, you are likely to miss an important holiday. To help you create effective marketing campaigns, we recommend picking a relevant month in our calendar and see the list of holidays to plan activities for.

For example, a Memorial Day in the USA, Oktoberfest in Germany, and Diwali in Hindu countries. Not speaking of less-known celebrations, such as Fat Thursday, Purim, Tiradentes, and more. If your target audience is spread all over the world, do consider congratulating them on these significant occasions.

What’s useful about our marketing events calendar?

In this calendar, you can find all major international holidays as well as national ones, with a short history and useful details about each celebration. For instance, each celebration has its prominent symbols, colors, and of course, hashtags.

This information will be helpful if you want to get super-creative with your advertising materials but also keep them in a professional wrapping. For some holidays we’ve gathered interesting stats, ideas for marketing campaigns, and common activities that other marketers perform during the celebration. No matter what social media platform you choose for advertising – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or all at once – post weekly or at least monthly, and you’ll see higher user engagement metrics. During the holidays it’s even easier because you already have a reason to post. Come up with bright and catchy designs or just pick a template in VistaCreate to edit in seconds, and this marketing calendar will become the only holiday planner you need.

Why is it important to plan your greetings?

No one wants to be forgotten. Holidays are a great opportunity for businesses to remind about themselves, while for the ones greeted, it’s a pleasant chance to feel they’re special and important.

The best part about scheduling your greetings beforehand is that you have enough time for creating something significant. The earlier you start preparing for a specific holiday – the better will be the outcome. Throw a sale, do a promotion landing page, create a cool free content asset, or do everything at once. Congratulating users, followers, or clients leads to a bigger engagement rate, higher conversion, and most importantly, they will definitely appreciate that you care for them.

Plan marketing activities for holidays

Brand recognition and high performance don’t happen in one week or even a year. It’s built on perseverance, honesty, and genuine care for users. This is the core of each and every marketing activity you do throughout the year.

Whatever is the upcoming holiday, it’s important to prepare thoroughly. Plan various marketing activities with a focus on both business profit and user engagement. Lots of brands prepare printable cards for their business partners or the most loyal customers on different occasions. Some brands tend to throw giveaways or funny contests to entertain the audience. Others schedule digital marketing campaigns, consisting of social media ads, posts, and emails. No matter which way you promote the brand, online or offline, remember to do it step-by-step and consistently. Our marketing calendar is here to help you with this.