Groundhog Day

The weather prediction by a groundhog grew from a superstition of Dutch in the US. No correlation has been found by scientists since, yet the tradition stuck.

Super Bowl Sunday

The first Sunday in February is the day of an annual championship of the USA National Football League. For all football fans, it’s a must-watch occasion. Super Bowl Sunday is made for snacks, big inches, and smart marketing offensive.

Fat Thursday

The week before the Great Lent is the last chance for Christians to feast before a stretched fasting. It is especially greeted in some traditions by indulging in hearty and warming pancakes, donuts, or crepes with various fillings.

Chinese New Year

The Chinese or Lunar New Year is celebrated vividly across all Asian countries and diasporas. During the traditional celebration, people go to their hometowns to honor elders, visit pagodas, feast and have lots of fun with firecrackers.
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Carnival in Brazil

What now is a 5-day Sambadrome parade, started from a Catholic tradition to make a little party before the Great Lent. The Carnival is a one-of-a-kind celebration of Afro-Brazilian culture spiced with the influences of Madeira and Portugal.

Valentine’s Day

Pioneered by young lovebirds, this holiday evolved over the years and today it brings festivities for everyone from 3-year-olds in the daycares to the couples well into their golden years. VDay is definitely a date to pin on your calendar.

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President’s Day in the USA

A.k.a. Washington’s Day, it’s celebrated on the third Monday of February. On this day the USA celebrates George Washington, who won the War for Independence and later walked away from power, setting an unseen precedent at the time.

The Defender of the Fatherland Day

This holiday started in the USSR after WW2 to hail the Soviet veterans. Over time the holiday meaning blurred and now it is commonly perceived as Men’s Day.


Purim is the Jewish holiday that celebrates the miraculous salvation of the Jewish people from the massacre planned by their Persian enemies in the 4th century BC. On this day, it is common to give food gifts and feast as a family.

The upcoming holidays

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