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The meaning behind periwinkle

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About the color

Periwinkle is a pale indigo or pastel purple shade with an RGB value of 204, 204, 255. You can find periwinkle on the color wheel between 2 colors — purple and blue. The hex code for periwinkle in the hexadecimal chart is #CCCCFF.

The color name is derived from the Vinca flower or lesser periwinkle, whose flowers are the same color. The word “periwinkle” is considered to come from the Old English word “peruince” or from the late Latin word “pervinca”, and it was first used as a color name in English in 1922.

Periwinkle is a favored color from the Rococo era. During this period, periwinkle, along with other shades such as beige, ivory, and light pastels, replaced the bright colors of the baroque. The Garden at Giverny, one of Claude Monet’s masterpieces, is an excellent example of a periwinkle color scheme in art. 

A periwinkle palette exudes softness. The color meaning of periwinkle is calmness, serenity, and romance. Different shades of this color help evoke elegance, harmony, and trustworthiness in graphic design.

Type Value
RGB 204, 204, 255
CMYK 0.2, 0.2, 0, 0

Application in design

Periwinkle is very similar to lavender. But periwinkle has much more blue than lavender. That’s why it can be considered a cold color. However, a periwinkle color scheme has an interesting element to it: even though it belongs to the spectrum of cold shades, periwinkle has an internal warmth and looks more friendly than blue.

If you want to pair periwinkle with neutral colors, choose white or grey. They go best with periwinkle and create an aesthetic color combination. Also, you can use periwinkle to balance a design if your palette includes vibrant colors like orange or green. 

Periwinkle looks good, coupled with blue shades. Different shades of yellow are complementary with periwinkle and can make graphic design more eye-catching. The combination of periwinkle and mint green makes your visuals cohesive and attracts with its relaxing contrast. 

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