Slate Blue

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The meaning behind slate blue

Experiment with the versatile slate blue to stay on top of minimalist or Y2K trends in graphic design.

About the color

Slate blue is a muted shade of purple with a grey tint to it. Paint manufacturers use the same color name for a different blue-grey hue. For example, this is how Benjamin Moore describes slate blue: “an easy-to-use blue with a good deal of gray, this classic color is reminiscent of the wonderfully weathered slate found along an age-old pathway”. Benjamin Moore focuses on a bluish hue that is favored in home interiors. We’re focusing on hexadecimal color slate blue which is often used in graphic design. Use slate blue’s hex code #6A5ACD to not confuse it with other tints.

The color meaning behind slate blue refers to a grey rock commonly used to cover roofs. In nature, slate appears in a variety of shades: green, red, blue, purple. All these colors have a grey tint to them, so the word “slate” is frequently used to describe greyish colors.

While the origin of slate blue is clear, its symbolism is still to be discovered. Slate is believed to be a balancing stone that helps find inner harmony. This is a trait all slate colors share: they are earthy and balanced. At the same time, slate blue also represents sophistication and depth, so it’s definitely not a neutral shade.

Type Value
RGB 106, 90, 205
CMYK 0.48, 0.56, 0, 0.2

Application in design

Slate blue can be used as a background or accent color. It’s perfect if you’re interested in creating a minimalistic aesthetic for your brand. So if that’s what you’re aiming for, combine slate blue with other earthy shades, like off-white, ivory, taupe, or sage, and impress your audience with trendy designs.

Slate blue works well in combination with different shades of blue and pink. Use it to create a Y2K-inspired color palette, which is claimed to be a hit in 2022. Consider this color combination for clothing and beauty brands, targeting Gen Z.

You can also pair slate blue with its complementary color, which is similar to olive but with a more yellow tint to it. Use this color scheme to create bold designs for your brand.

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