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The meaning behind lavender

Create a sense of harmony, calmness, and tenderness with lavender in your designs.

About the color

The lavender color name is derived from a wonderful flower native to temperate and warm climate zones. The scent of lavender has been always known for its relaxing properties. The ancient Greeks and Romans used this fragrant herb to soothe anxiety, relieve irritation, and ease migraines. Moreover, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

Just like the flower, the color lavender creates a sense of relaxation and harmony. A lavender color scheme can be both tender and soothing, but also inspiring and positive. The lavender hex code is #E6E6FA.

Lavender is always associated with a Mediterranean spring or Provence summer. This pleasing combination is used in fashion, interior design, art, and can be a winning solution for your graphic design.

Type Value
HEX #e6e6fa
RGB 230, 230, 250
CMYK 0.08, 0.08, 0, 0.02

Application in design

The aesthetic of lavender and its shades evoke a romantic mood or the sense of a new beginning. That’s why this color is perfect for wedding designs: invitations, albums, greeting cards, and so on.

The color lavender harmonizes with various colors. For example, the tenderness of lavender mixed with the energy of yellow is a vibrant combination that makes designs inspiring and lively, just like spring. Different shades of beige and lavender are complementary and can be used as a calm background or color scheme for your visuals.

The mix of lavender with turquoise or blue is a popular color combination for designs in the beauty industry. For love cards and other romantic visuals, use lavender with different shades of pink.

Go ahead and experiment with a lavender color scheme in your designs!

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