Pastel color palette

Pastel color palette

Add some tenderness to your visuals by choosing the right palette.

Get inspired by our pastel color palette and create beautiful designs for your business or personal projects. With VistaCreate, you have thousands of templates to help with this. Select one and start designing today!


  • How can I learn more about each color from the pastel palette?

    Check out the VistaCreate Colors project to learn essential information about different colors. You’ll find the hex code for each shade, along with a background story and information on how other brands use it.

  • Can I use the VistaCreate color palette generator in the editor?

    Sure! Find ready-made palettes by using the Styles feature on the sidebar menu. Then, select a color scheme that fits your project and apply it to your template. Shuffle your chosen palette by clicking on it to see different design options.

  • What businesses can benefit from using a pastel palette?

    The pastel color palette is versatile and can be used for different businesses: from clothing stores and vintage markets to bakeries and interior design studios. Make sure the pastel color combination matches your brand personality.

  • Can I use one of the VistaCreate color palettes as my brand color scheme?

    You can and you should! Matching colors can be challenging, especially if you have little design experience. This is why we created pre-made color palettes to use for different purposes and save time on designs.

Select a template and try out our design features

Select a template and try out our design features

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