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The meaning behind plum

Add a pinch of elegance, sentimentality, and nostalgia to your designs with mysterious plum.

About the color

When describing a plum color scheme, all kinds of associations come to mind from early spring blossoms to distant pink lakes. This rarely occurring color in nature has a mysterious haze, and it charms with its aesthetic. The hex code for plum is #DDA0DD.

Plum is a combination of red, green, and blue. It’s similar to mauve, first synthesized in 1856 by the British chemist William Henry Perkin. But the tint was created by mistake, as most game changing inventions. Initially, Perking was working on malaria treatment. 

The color name refers to a well-known and widely-grown fruit. Though plums come in various shapes and shades, it’s challenging to associate them with only one color.

Plum can represent rebellious youth, spring breeziness, or peaceful tranquility — depending on how you use it in graphic design materials. So, go ahead and experiment with one of the most mysterious colors in the palette.

Type Value
HEX #dda0dd
RGB 221, 160, 221
CMYK 0, 0.28, 0, 0.13

Application in design

Plum can be used as a background color, or as a trendy supplement in your designs. Combine it with vivid splashes of lime or blue to stand out mainly if you aim to appeal to a young audience.

But if you seek something more sophisticated, use plum with grey, olive green, white, or its complementary color Granny Smith Apple. This will work perfectly to create design materials for wellness or beauty brands, for instance.

Plum, as well as purple, is rarely used in logos. So why not take a risk to make your brand notable.

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