International Coffee Day

The International Coffee Organisation, based in—surprise!—Milan has set up the International Coffee Day to raise awareness about sustainable coffee growth.

German Unity Day

German Unity Day marks the 3rd of October, the date in history when Eastern Germany and Western Germany were officially reunited after the 28 years of the separate existence at the two sides of the Berlin Wall. Since 1990, it has been a public holiday in Germany, and a huge national event that drives hundreds of thousands of people to celebrate.

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Columbus Day

Columbus Day has been a holiday in the Americas since the 1800s, used to mark Christopher Columbus’s arrival to the shores of the New World on the 12th of October 1492. However, the deeper look into the famous Italian’s deeds and the scrutiny over historical events caused a controversy over the 20th century, leading to big changes today.

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Children’s Day in Brazil

Our Lady of Aparecida Day celebrates the ceramic statue of the Virgin Mary, dated back to the 17th century and considered miraculous in Brazil. As this artifact is believed to patronize the expectant mothers and newborns, this day is also called Children’s Day. The date, October 12th, coincides with the origination of the Empire of Brazil in 1882.

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Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon is one of the biggest and merriest marathons in the world, with some 45,000 participants joining the run at the capital of Illinois.

Defenders’ Day in Ukraine

The new Defenders of Ukraine Day embodied the distinguishable cossack heritage while commemorating the new generation of brave Ukrainian soldiers.

Republic Day in Turkey

Republic Day has been proclaimed the biggest holiday for all Turks by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk himself. It is widely celebrated on official and public levels.


One of the scariest, overdressed international holidays. People all over the world dress in funny, spooky, and creative costumes of celebrities, monsters, and creatures. They throw Halloween parties and consume lots of candies and drinks.

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Day of Reformation

The Day of Reformation is celebrated by the Protestant church on the day when Martin Luther nailed his “40 theses” to the door of the Wittenberg church. Usually spent to one’s liking, it drives both religious services and weekend tourism.

The upcoming holidays

You can plan your October social media calendar around Unity Day (Germany), Sukkot, Columbus Day, International Day for Tolerance, and other worldwide and national holidays. But everyone knows that the biggest October holiday is Halloween. Prepare for it in advance because a Halloween sale is expected by your audience.

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