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Add Animated Effects to Pictures Easily

One of the coolest features of VistaCreate is animation. You can pick any template you like from our huge 30,000-item collection and make it move with the help of animated effects.

Types of Animated Effects

Add moving photo effects to the pictures from our extensive library or upload your own. With VistaCreate you can create any design for social media in minutes. Add a personal touch or just use our professionally-designed templates. Do anything you want and be sure of the awesome result.

Zoom In/Out
This animated effect works great with any design object on the artboard. For example, you can throw several shapes on the canvas and apply the zoom-in effect to some of them and the zoom-out to those left for a sparkling look.
Fly In
For extra emphasis on, let’s say, a text block, use this fly-in animated effect. It can help draw necessary attention to the most important design element on your canvas like a sale badge.
Fade In
Use the fade-in animated effect for an image or animation to smoothly appear on the canvas. Add a couple of layers like textures, lines, and shapes to create a modern design.
Fall Down
Have fun with the fall-down effect. Apply it to stickers or illustrations with cute characters and make delays between effects. Combine with some other animated effect if you want your design to draw more attention to specific details.

How to Add Animated Effects

Choose a template

VistaCreate has a huge library of static and animated design templates for every business domain and for every taste. Pick the one that fits your mood and start designing!

Customize a template

If you like everything on the chosen template, go ahead and just download it straight away. In case you want to change something, you can edit each design element to suit your taste.

Add animated effects

Add animated effects to any element on the artboard. However, it’s recommended to keep the balance and not overdo with motion in the parts of your design that don’t need extra attention.

Download or share

Once you are glad about the result, you can download the design or share it to social media right from the VistaCreate interface.


How do I animate a static object?

You can turn any static template into an animated template in VistaCreate. Just apply one or a couple of animated effects to any object you want. Click on the object, find the “Animate” button on the upper preheader panel and apply one of the listed animated effects on the left menu.

How do I set a delay for an animated effect?

Once you applied one of VistaCreate’s animated effects, it’s recommended to hit “Play” on the bottom of the artboard and check whether this effect looks like you want it to. Then, find a “Delay” section on the left panel under all listed effects. Enter the desired delay time or use little arrows to automatically set it.

Can I animate text in VistaCreate?

Yes, you definitely can! Apply an animated effect to the whole text block or write words or even letters in separate blocks and apply the same animated effect but with a slight delay for an impressive look and to draw more attention to important messages in your design.

Can I apply animated effects to animations?

Yes! You can apply animated effects to all design objects that you can find in our library, even those that are already animated. If you need that extra movement in some part of your design, go ahead. You can check how the final result looks with the help of the “Play” button on the bottom of the artboard to make sure it’s perfect and ready to be downloaded and posted to social media!

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