Add Text to Photo Fast and Easy

Up your social media game with branded custom graphics, your audience will love to share! Business, politics, inspiration, humor—give your message impact, no matter what you have to say. Research shows that images get more attention, more comments, and more social media shares. Spread your message and grow the audience by adding words to an amazing picture.
Add text to photo online

Text Options in VistaCreate — Write Message in Your Style

Graphics add impact to your words. Imagine a message, showcased against stunning graphics. Give your audience a reason to share! These features options include hundreds of fonts to choose from, or you can upload your own favorite fonts. To really spice things up, use animation or choose a premium photo or video!
  • Fonts Set the Tone

    Browse our extensive library of fonts to pick the ones that fit both the subject and your personal style. We’ve got over 250 fonts to express your personality! Choose from cute curly styles, blocky impact text, fancy cursive, or big silly balloon fonts. Whatever works best with your project. Or go to the Fonts tab in the “Texts” section and upload your favorite.

  • Add POP With Animation

    With VistaCreate, creating animation is easier than you think! Our animation maker lets you drag and drop to create animated effects. Animate your writing blocks or graphic elements in seconds.

  • Color Up

    Basic too boring? Make your speech pop off the page with any color that catches the eye or matches your brand. Just click the words, enter a specific color code, or play with it until it’s perfect.

  • Transparent Twist

    Put an overlay with transparent text to let your background peek through for dramatic effect! It’s easy to create a custom design using simple techniques. Or include your logo as a watermark to let everyone know who to credit for your clever design.

  • Go from Simple to Sophisticated With Easy Layering

    Don’t just include words and call it a day. Use layering to add elements, and fancy frames above background to make your design absolutely captivating.

  • Bring Your Words to Life

    Zoom in, drop-in, fade-in, bounce…your phrase doesn’t have to sit there. Put eye-catching excitement with animated effects. Enhance your style with dropped shadows or inner shadows.

Types of Texts You Can Add

Do your own thing or choose one of our expert styles. Edit in words, include subheading or body text and float the words above a background image, color block, or animated element.
  • Set Your Headline

    Choose a heading design to introduce your main point.

  • Photo to Text

    Happy with your writing ? Add a photo from our extensive library, or upload your own. Layer it as a background to your writing.

  • Subheading

    Add a smaller subheading to put context and support the main point. Scale, crop, and rotate for the perfect size and position. Also, put need-to-know information with a body text box.

  • Video Text

    Use our video option to add words with moving images behind them. Make your saying dynamic, colorful, and impossible to ignore with our premium video features. First, choose any video format template. Then add video text from the tab. Also, find a clip from the Video tab, and drop it on top of the video block.

How to Add Text to a Picture

  • 1
    Choose an image
    Find a stunning background image from our extensive collection of photos and pictures, or upload your own.
  • 2
    Edit your text
    You can add header, subheader, body, video or photo styles. Place whichever style you want on the image. Or click on the Badges tab and check out the huge variety of professionally designed blocks complete with fonts and elements.
  • 3
    Improve view
    Change font, edit, resize and move images around until everything is perfectly placed.
  • 4
    Save and share
    Save your custom graphic as a PDF, JPG, or PNG. Print, share, or embed on your website directly from VistaCreate!


  • Can I use VistaCreate on my iPhone or Android?

    Yes, download the VistaCreate app and create graphics right on your phone. There is a possibility to use your own photos in designs! It’s as easy as choosing one of our images or one of your own and using your finger to drag shapes, frames, and other elements to enhance the design. Put your own text, and save or upload to social media.
  • Can I upload my own images?

  • After I add writing to photos and save, can I edit it?

  • How can I save and share my graphics?