Add Text to Your Video Online

Embellish your videos with text, and create informative and effective content for your business. Leverage various editing tools in VistaCreate and tune your clips to make them even more engaging. Easily add text to videos with our online graphic design tool.
Add text to video online

VistaCreate is like having a video text adder for free!

Adding text to your video makes your content more effective, and enables you to express what your video is about while speaking to the viewer. You can highlight the key points of your message and make your video easier to recall. Easily add text to video online in VistaCreate to complete your video projects.
  • Add words to videos

    You don’t need extra software to add text to video online. Make it just in a few clicks in VistaCreate’s design editor. Place your text block onto the artboard, type your message out, and easily adjust the position, size, and color to make it fit your design.

  • Set your style with fonts

    Show off your individuality with artistic typography styles. Choose from hundreds of stylish fonts in the VistaCreate library and customize your text for videos. You can also upload your corporate fonts and apply them to brand your video content.

  • Animate your lettering

    Liven up your text with animated effects. Click the Animate button and explore the variety of options you can apply to your video. Customize the effect by adjusting size, angle, distance, etc., and let your words flow with dynamic movement.

Why you should have text in videos

There are many reasons to use subtitles and captions in videos. Adding text structures your video content, makes it more accessible and engaging, and enables you to translate a specific message throughout your video. Adding words to your video can also be an aesthetic decision. Find out why you should add text to videos below.
  • Optimize search ranking

    Search engines crawl text to understand what specific content is about, and rank it according to its relevance to search queries. In other words, adding text helps crawlers analyze your video content and improves your search engine ranking. A higher search ranking increases traffic and the organic visibility of your content, making it more accessible.

  • Empower your message

    Adding text to a video helps you structure your content and highlight key points to capture your audience’s attention. Besides, videos with captions and subtitles receive 40% more views than videos without text. You can also add a call to action, boost the efficiency of your video content, or even increase purchase intent.

  • Reach a larger audience

    Nowadays, people usually watch video content on their smartphones with the volume turned off. Creating text for your videos will help convey your message to potential customers, even on mute. Plus, the text in your video can be easily translated, making it possible to reach audiences worldwide.

  • Improve brand recall

    Video paired with text is much more memorable. This makes it a good way to improve brand awareness. Insert your key brand messages as text, use brand fonts for the captions, and add your logo to the video. This will help viewers retain information and remember your brand identity.

How to add text into video in VistaCreate

  • 1
    Choose a video
    Start with any video design format (Facebook / Instagram Video Story, Square Video Post, Full HD Video, or Facebook Video Cover), pick a premade template, or upload your own video. You can also choose from thousands of royalty-free, full HD video clips in the VistaCreate media library.
  • 2
    Add your text
    Find the Text tab on the left panel of your artboard and click “Add text”. Browse trending text styles in the tab to find the most suitable option for your message, or customize it later. Drag the block to where you want it on your design and start editing.
  • 3
    Customize the text block
    Explore hundreds of fonts in VistaCreate or upload your brand fonts to add a personal touch. Choose the text color, adjust the opacity, set the right spacing and alignment, and experiment with effects to bring your video to the next level.
  • 4
    Download and share
    Share your video on social media and start reaching audiences with your impactful content. You can download your visual project in MP4 format or as a GIF file with animation, and save it for further use.

Browse trending templates and start your project


  • How do I choose the right font for my video?

    Yes, you can. You can upload your own files, trim them easily up to sixty seconds length, and then save in your preferred format or use in the VistaCreate video templates.
  • Can I add text to my video on mobile?

    Of course! Download the VistaCreate mobile app on your iPhone or Android device, and start making visuals right on your phone for free. Log into your VistaCreate account, upload the video you want to edit, and easily add your text. Besides, you can use other editing tools in the app and customize your design, for example, flip video vertically online or rotate it.
  • Can I edit the text after downloading the video?

    Yes, you can. All your projects made in VistaCreate are automatically saved in your account. You can always come back to your design and edit your text, or add different text to the video. Just make sure you are logged into your VistaCreate account when designing.