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Looking for an easy way to flip images? Then, you’re in the right place! VistaCreate offers a free online image flip tool to help you change the orientation of your visuals. Flip a picture to balance your design, create symmetry, or add a mirrored effect. Explore all the image editing options in VistaCreate and make standout visuals for business or personal use.
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Flip images and tune your visuals with VistaCreate’s tools

VistaCreate offers various online graphic design tools that allow you to easily edit any image as you want. Rotate or flip images, remove the background, add animation, and more in our intuitive image editor.
  • Mirror an image

    Create a mirror image effect with VistaCreate to fit your vision of your project. In order to flip a photo, you’ll have to add it to the canvas and copy it. With our free image flipper, you can flip your image horizontally or vertically — everything depends on your creative idea.

  • Flip any object

    Whether it is a text block, frame, shape, icon, or emoji, you can flip any design object with the VistaCreate image flipper. Just drag and drop the elements onto the artboard and flip them in one go.

  • Add animation

    Want to drive even more engagement with your content? Bring your images to life using editing tools in VistaCreate. Experiment with animated effects in the editor or choose from thousands of animated objects in our media library to enhance your flipped image.

  • Remove image backgrounds

    Try the easy-to-use background remover in VistaCreate. Remove any photo background in one go and replace it with another picture. You can also set a solid color as the background or leave it transparent to layer your image over designs.

  • Upload your content

    Easily upload your own photos, fonts, and other content to VistaCreate and add them to your designs. Use brand fonts, adjust the length of your footage, or flip your image in our online image flipper. The uploaded content will be saved in the My Files tab, so you can personalize your visuals anytime you need.

  • Resize in one go

    Quickly resize your image to make it fit different platforms and channels. Choose from preset options or enter a custom size to easily adjust your picture to Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Stories, WordPress, and other formats.

Why you should flip an image

  • To fix the direction

    If you have a model with visible eyes on your picture, a general rule of thumb says that they should be looking “inside” your page or design, not outside. Flipping pictures is usually the easiest way to direct the eye in a design to the main focal elements.

  • To create symmetry

    Balanced design is a shortcut to creating eye-catching images. Just make a silhouette of your object, flip it, and voilà! Achieve the perfect balance of symmetry in your designs that reflects the composition you’d like to build with mirror flip.

  • To improve composition

    Your overall design consists of many elements, but the composition is the core of it. Direction and color balance in design details contribute to the overall harmony of your project. Flip images vertically or horizontally online to find the right balance.

  • To flip back

    Have you ever stumbled upon an image that was already flipped beforehand? This can be especially noticeable if the visual contains text that appears to be backwards. A sure way to solve an issue like this would be to simply flip back the image.

How to flip your image horizontally or vertically

  • 1

    Select the image

    After selecting a design format you need, upload the image you want to flip or select a photo from our creative assets. Make sure you’re logged in to have your designs autosaved.
  • 2

    Flip your image

    Flip your image horizontally or vertically using the VistaCreate flip tool. To do so, click on the image you want to edit and select the flip icon on the top toolbar.
  • 3

    Edit your image

    In VistaCreate, you can not only flip images, but also adjust transparency, brightness, contrast, and other settings. You can also crop, rotate, and animate your picture.
  • 4

    Download and share

    Once you’re done with the flip image tool, download your design or share it online from the editor. You can save your design in JPG or other file formats available in VistaCreate.

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  • Can I flip a picture on my phone?

    You can use the VistaCreate flip tool on both desktop and mobile. Our app has an intuitive interface that allows you to easily flip images horizontally or vertically. All you need to do is download the VistaCreate app from your app store and install it on your device. The app is available for both iOS and Android.
  • What is the difference between vertical and horizontal image flipping?

    When you flip your image vertically, it is flipped from up to down or down to up. When you’re flipping your image horizontally, your image is mirrored from left to right or right to left. In VistaCreate, you can easily flip any image horizontally or vertically to make the exact design you want. To flip an image horizontally, select the “Flip” button in the header menu of the artboard and click “Flip horizontally. To flip your photo vertically, do the same, only click “Flip vertically”.
  • How do I flip my own picture in VistaCreate?

    You can easily upload your own images and edit them in VistaCreate. To do so, open the editor and select the “Uploads” tab in the sidebar menu. Then, click the “Upload Image or Video” button and choose the files you want to add. Now, you can simply drag and drop your images onto the artboard and flip them vertically or horizontally in seconds. Note that there are also mirroring options for flipping photos in VistaCreate. You can also flip images available in our creative assets library if you want to work with stock visuals. VistaCreate offers millions of stock photos on any topic to choose from.