Grey color palette

Grey color palette

Explore the rich collection of grey-colored templates in various shades with VistaCreate.

Use our grey palette to style any template from VistaCreate’s collection. You can also come up with your own color combination using hex codes. Add your colors to the editor and use them to create unique visuals for any occasion.


  • How can I learn more about colors from the grey color palette?

    You can learn color names, meanings, and background stories in the VistaCreate Colors project. Besides, you’ll find the hex code of each tint from the grey palette and discover how other businesses use these colors in their designs.

  • How do I use the VistaCreate color palette generator?

    When you open the VistaCreate editor, look for the Styles feature to browse ready-made color and font combinations. Then, apply the color scheme you like most to your template and click “Shuffle”. This will allow you to see different design options.

  • How can I save my favorite color palette to use it as a brand color scheme?

    Check out the VistaCreate Brand Kit feature! You can add your logo, colors, and fonts to the Brand Kit and use them anytime you need to quickly customize a template. This will save you time while editing your designs. Also, this will help you create brand consistency across different channels, making your business more memorable and trustworthy.

Select a template and try out our design features

Select a template and try out our design features

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