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Mother’s Day History

Mother’s Day holiday is a relatively new occasion on the calendar. There is little information about Mother-dedicated celebrations before the 1800s.

The holiday was first established in the United Kingdom in the early 19th century. Many people then worked as a help in the rich houses, and one Sunday in May was set aside for them on purpose, to go to their hometowns and pay a visit to their mothers. Eventually, the working conditions changed and so did the work-life balance, but the tradition remained.

The holiday was set up in the USA society in 1870 by the activist Julia Ward Howe. The post-Civil War mothers community willingly united to observe the second Sunday of May in the name of peace and motherhood.

By 1914, Mother’s Day was made a national holiday in the US, by 1918 in France. It’s been picked up by most European and Western countries and became an International Mother’s Day.

Today it is widely observed in Asia, too. Singapore throws heavy celebrations that include festivals in schools and malls. India has a season to celebrate the Western version of Mother’s Day, but also a separate festive season of Durga Puja in October.

Traditions on Mother's Day

Traditions on Mother’s Day

Hailing mothers for all the efforts they put into bringing a new life into this world, their incomparable love and self-sacrifice, is the purpose of the holiday.

Here are our favorite ways in which people show love to their mothers:

- Serve a breakfast-in-bed.

- Give your mother a bouquet of traditional red or pink carnations.

- Write your mother a lovely poem and embellish it with cute design.

- Avoid the overcrowded restaurants and take your mom for a romantic picnic.

- Send a voicemail with a cute wish and a song.

- Treat your mom like a queen for a day.

- Give out locally-sourced flowers to the neighborhood moms.

- Post a selfie with your mom to Instagram.

Marketing Activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is about giving back. For marketers, it’s a promising time to put out the promotions, as an average adult American is going to spend a whopping average of $250 to treat their mom.

The common gifts on that day start from the nursery-made postcards and go all the way to the spa sessions, cruises, novelty electronics, and jewellery.

Customization is important. Everyone has a one-of-a-kind relationship with their mother, and that’s why the uniqueness of the gift is what customers value most on that day.

When choosing Mother’s Day’s brand partnerships, look at the premium pampering gifts. Think collectible issues of the culinary books, silk pajamas, the fluffy sheepskin slippers, cashmere sweaters, Chanel keyrings and other sweet splurges that moms don’t usually get for themselves.

An important tip: be highly responsive during Mother’s Day. Social media are sensitive to the brands piggybacking social causes. Make sure that your messages are sincere, your turnaround is fast and kind, and keep your presents and causes mom-centered.

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Colors of Mother’s Day


Pink, purple, and white are the favorite colors around the world for Mother’s Day decorations. These shades correlate with the colors of some other female-themed holidays: International Women’s Day and Valentine’s.

Symbols of Mother’s Day

Carnations are the traditional flowers given on Mother’s Day. The pink carnations symbolize gratefulness. They’re believed to have grown from the tears that Mary shed under the cross over Christ. The red carnations symbolize love. The white carnations are taken to the cemeteries to celebrate the memory of moms who are no longer with us.

Mimosa flower is a symbol of Mother’s day in the Eastern European countries. It’s fluffy yellow flowers look like baby chickens, and in the flower language, represent sun and love.

The heart is used often on Mother's Day promotion materials. It symbolizes the most precious love, when the mothers give up their personal needs and cravings for the well-being of their children.

Happy family is a common symbol, as well. Often in the holiday-related images the father and the kids would be serving mom breakfast in bed, or doing chores while she relaxes with a good book.

Mother with a baby is the fastest way to evoke the tender emotions in our hearts. Animal moms and babies work even better. Tons of these are sent in social media on Mom’s day, to admire the self-forgetful instinctive mother’s love.

Perfume, lipstick, flowers, and jewelry are popular presents to be given to mothers on that day. Younger children would give chocolates, sweets, and t-shirts with Mother’s Day puns, like “Mombshell”.

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