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Use compelling video content to quickly hook your YouTube viewers from the very first seconds! Find all the necessary tools to make high-quality video clips for your channel in the VistaCreate YouTube video editor. Easily adjust video length, enhance your YouTube graphics with audio, or highlight the best parts with stunning design objects. No limits to your creativity — bring any design idea to life with the free YouTube video editor!
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Top perks of VistaCreate’s YouTube video maker

If you are searching for a free online video editor for YouTube, look no further because VistaCreate has it all. Need some inspiration to unleash your inner YouTube video creator? Check out tons of engaging video templates in VistaCreate. Want to edit your video? Access various customization features and tools in our YouTube video editor and easily make your content even more appealing.
  • Easy-to-use video splitter

    You can use our YouTube video editor to quickly split your video into parts. Simply choose a section to cut and split your footage into multiple videos online. And no worries, you can always undo the split if needed. Feel free to experiment and create truly unique content your YouTube audience will love.

  • Convenient timeline tool

    Find out how to trim a video for YouTube in seconds with VistaCreate. All you have to do is upload your video to the VistaCreate YouTube clip maker and set the desired length with the timeline feature. Trim any part of your video to create perfect footage for your channel and boost views and shares with your standout content.

  • Useful cropping feature

    There’s no need to search for free editing apps for YouTube to crop videos online. Find the smart and easy-to-use cropping feature in VistaCreate. Easily crop your videos to get rid of unnecessary parts, or adjust them to YouTube covers, Instagram stories, or other formats.

  • Millions of stock videos

    If your inner YouTube content creator took a vacation, there is no reason to worry! Choose from millions of royalty-free videos on any theme or topic in VistaCreate, and easily add the ones you like to your project. Alternatively, browse and explore creative assets for inspiration and come up with your own ideas for YouTube videos.

  • Thousands of design objects

    Make your own YouTube videos even more engaging by adding various design objects. Highlight important messages in your videos with arrays and lines, or add more fun with cool stickers and icons — you choose! Our YouTube editor offers thousands of trendy design objects, so you can always find something to enhance your content.

  • Free video animations

    Ready for experiments? Use animation to create videos that stand out. Explore thousands of free animations in the VistaCreate YT video editor and add your favorite one to your video. You can also apply various effects in our animation video maker online and easily animate text or graphics in your clip.

How to edit videos for YouTube in VistaCreate

  • Step 1

    Upload a video file

    Log in to your VistaCreate account or sign up and select one of the video formats to get started. Upload your video to our easy video editor for YouTube or choose a clip from our creative assets library.
  • Step 2

    Adjust your video

    Apply video-making tools in the free video maker for YouTube to adjust your video length and size. Trim or split your video using the easy timeline feature in the YT editor or crop your footage to fit your design idea.
  • Step 3

    Make extra edits

    Explore all customization features in VistaCreate and easily edit a video online for YouTube. Change the background music, add text, and enhance your footage with cool design objects from our creative library.
  • Step 4

    Download and share

    Once you are done editing, download your video creation and save it in the desired format on your computer. You can also share your video project from the VistaCreate editor and start gathering endless likes and shares online.

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  • How can I edit YouTube videos for free?

    If you are searching for the best free YouTube video editor or want to know how to edit YouTube videos for free, you’re in the right place! VistaCreate offers various editing tools and design features absolutely free of charge. Upload your video to the editor and easily make a YouTube clip for your channel. Trim, crop, split, or resize your video online, add custom background music, or enhance your footage with various design objects. You can also experiment with cool animated effects in the VistaCreate YouTube animation maker and engage your audience with standout content.
  • What size is recommended for YouTube videos?

    To ensure the best quality of your YouTube content, use the following resolution and aspect ratio for your videos:

    – 3840×2160 (2160p, 4K)

    – 2560×1440 (1440p, 4K)

    – 1920×1080 (1080p, HD)

    – 1280×720 (720p, HD)

    – 854×480 (480p, SD)

    – 640×360 (360p, standard web resolution)

    – 426×240 (240p)
  • How can I add music to my video?

    Upload your video to the VistaCreate YouTube video editor and place it on the artboard. Then, go to the “Music” tab in the sidebar menu to add music to your project. Our YouTube video creator offers over 9,000 tracks on any theme or mood for free. Choose the best one to capture desired emotions in your video or upload your music to make your footage more personalized.
  • What is the best way to make videos for YouTube?

    There is no single recipe for making effective video content for YouTube. You should focus on your channel’s style and your audience’s interests. Try to choose topics that you know a lot about to showcase your expertise and knowledge. Also, it’s better to maintain consistency in your videos so that your style becomes recognizable on the YouTube platform.

    Browse different YouTube video editors to find one that’s convenient for you to work with. A good YouTube video editor can help ease your work with content. For example, with VistaCreate, you don’t need to be a professional YouTube video designer or have a degree in video production for YouTube to create standout videos. Access easy-to-use editing tools and experiment with your videos to learn what content works best for your audience.
  • How do I make a YouTube video on a desktop?

    Looking for an easy way on how to make a YouTube video on a computer? VistaCreate offers free video editing software for YouTube for both web and mobile platforms. To edit your video on a computer, go to the VistaCreate website and choose any available video format to get started. Create your account to have your designs autosaved and explore all the editing possibilities in the VistaCreate YouTube video maker.