Easy-to-Use Online Video Editor

Enhance your content with free video editing software in VistaCreate. Easily adjust your footage in our video editor online using intuitive tools for cropping, trimming, rotating, and more. You will find thousands of design objects for any theme in VistaCreate’s video editing app. Simply add them to your design to make your content for advertisement, social media, or website stand out.
Design for free
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Design for free
No credit card needed

Access handy video editing tools

  • Trim your video

    Trim your video in seconds with the timeline feature in the free video editor. Set the perfect length for your footage and showcase the best moments of your project.

  • Split your video

    Split your video into parts with VistaCreate’s video editor online. Upload your footage to the video creator and split it into multiple scenes to make custom visual projects for your needs.

  • Crop your video

    Quickly edit video with a fast cropping tool in VistaCreate. Select the part of the video you want to crop and create the desired content in our online video editor.

Enrich your video with design elements

  • Add text to your video

    Address your viewers with bold text in your video. Choose from 680+ fonts in VistaCreate’s video editing app and add text to your video to make it even more informative.

  • Add objects to your project

    Access thousands of static and animated objects in the free online video editor. Embellish your video with frames, arrays, lines, and shapes, and easily create amazing videos.

  • Add any image to your video

    You can quickly add images to your video using free video editing tools in VistaCreate. Upload your own photos to the online video creator and add a personal touch to your designs.

Spice up your content with standout video effects

  • Add music to your video

    Convey desired emotions with suitable background music in your video. Explore thousands of tracks in the VistaCreate video maker and upload music to enhance your video.

  • Experiment with animated effects

    Liven up any element of your artboard using various animated effects in the VistaCreate video editor online. You can also add cool animations from the built-in media library and make truly engaging content.

  • Change your video orientation

    Rotate your video or flip it vertically or horizontally to adjust it to your project. Easily switch from landscape to portrait mode using free editing software and bring any creative idea to life.

Get your dose of inspiration for more projects

  • Discover millions of creative assets

    Access an extensive creative library in our online video editor. Explore millions of royalty-free photos, videos, vectors, and backgrounds for any theme and topic and add them for your visuals.

  • Try the magic video resizer

    Easily adjust your video project to any social media platform and prepare several designs at once with a few clicks. Use preset formats in the free video maker or set custom dimensions.

  • Explore more creative ideas

    Looking for a brilliant design idea? Get inspired by thousands of pre-made video templates in VistaCreate! Easily customize any design with online video editing tools and make your own content.

Top ideas on how to use the online video editor

Effortlessly adjust your design using easy video editing software in VistaCreate and make eye-catching video projects for your business. Create captivating presentations, learning materials, or social media content online with the free video maker.
  • Create engaging Reels and Stories

    Create professional videos for TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook and start getting noticed on top social media platforms. Create truly effective content and build a connection with your audience. Convey your brand message through videos and leverage social media to increase brand awareness.

  • Show off your products

    Feature your unique products and make custom videos using our online video creator. Create useful reviews and highlight the benefits of your offerings to your customers. You can also build your brand kits in VistaCreate and easily brand your content to maintain consistency in visuals.

  • Share your expertise

    Create how-to videos or educational materials using free video editing tools in VistaCreate. Use a screen recorder, add captions to make your content more informative, or add your own music and subtitles. Whatever idea you have, bring it to life with advanced features in our video maker.

  • Leverage YouTube to grow your business

    YouTube is a great platform to raise awareness about your brand. Promote new products, build your brand community, and reach more audiences with captivating videos for your YouTube channel. Plus, you can use thousands of professionally-made templates for YouTube thumbnails, banners, and channel art in the VistaCreate video editor for free.

  • Elevate your advertisements

    Visual content is more impactful than plain text, which is why dynamic visuals are the way to go. Access numerous video editing tools in VistaCreate and make compelling videos for your advertisement. You can even resize your project to another ad format and make ads for all the necessary channels. Create irresistible visuals in the free video editor and increase your sales.

Get started with pre-made video formats

VistaCreate offers thousands of animated design templates and pre-made formats to boost your creativity. Pick out the best layout for your idea, quickly customize it in the video editor, and create a standout video for your brand.

How to edit videos in VistaCreate

  • Step 1

    Choose a video

    Choose a video format in the VistaCreate online video maker and upload your own video to get started. You can also pick a clip from our creative assets library.
  • Step 2

    Adjust your footage

    Use online video editing features such as trimming, cropping, and splitting to make your video editing process smooth. Apply the changes with a convenient timeline tool in the easy video maker.
  • Step 3

    Edit video online

    Customize your design with free video editing tools in VistaCreate to create a video that suits your business. Add text to your project, change the background music, or enhance your video with stunning design objects.
  • Step 4

    Download or share

    Once you’re done with video making, download your project in the desired format. You can also share your clip directly from the video editor and upload it to your social media feed.


  • What video formats are available in VistaCreate?

    Professional video editors like VistaCreate offer various formats, as well as pre-made animated layouts. Enter the format you are looking for in the search bar and explore numerous design templates. Choose any template you like and easily customize it with video editing software free to fit your brand’s style. You can also select a blank canvas and create a video design from scratch using all the video editing tools in VistaCreate.
  • Can I upload my own videos to design projects in the VistaCreate video maker online?

    Sure! You can upload your own footage, audio tracks, backgrounds, and other files, and use them in your designs made with the VistaCreate online video editor. To upload your own content, open the editor and go to the “Uploads” tab in the sidebar menu. Click the “Upload Image or Video” button, select the clip you want to add, and you’re done. You can easily drag and drop your uploaded file and place it onto the artboard wherever you want.
  • Can I make videos without watermarks in VistaCreate?

    Yes, you can. There will be no watermark on a video made in VistaCreate if created using your own uploaded content or video files available for Starter subscribers in the video editor for free. You can also upgrade your subscription to the Pro plan and use any video, photo, or stock files from the creative assets library without watermarks.
  • How to edit video in VistaCreate?

    To start editing, upload your video and place it onto the artboard, or choose any footage from the VistaCreate creative library. Then, customize your clip in the powerful online video editor. You can trim, crop, flip, and rotate your clip in our video editing software free of charge. In addition, you can easily add video transitions using the timeline tool in the video editor. Click on the timeline and set the desired length of your project. You can also split your video into parts and combine them however you want to create videos for your projects. Add music to your design; enhance it with text, illustrations, and other media files; and make engaging videos for social media, ads, websites, and more.
  • How can I add music to a video?

    To add music to your design, go to the video editor app, add your video to the artboard, and open the “Music” tab in the sidebar menu. Explore thousands of audio tracks carefully divided by the mood or theme, and choose the best one for your video. You can also click “My Music” in the Music section and upload your own sounds to communicate certain feelings in your video clip. Adjust any track to fit your creative idea, and apply the fade-in or fade-out settings to enhance the sound effects in your video.