Rotate Image Fast and Easy

We know that the possibility to quickly rotate pictures online in a handy editor can save you a lot of time. A need to rotate an image emerges literally every minute when you’re working with the designs for Facebook and other social media. Now you can create great content on the go with VistaCreate, as it allows you to rotate a picture any second with the help of hotkeys or a set of helpful buttons on the editing panel.
Rotate image online

Rotate Photos in VistaCreate—Free Design Maker for Mobile and Desktop

Making VistaCreate your daily social media tool saves you the hassle to switch between the graphic software for the menial everyday tasks. Rotating a photo in any VistaCreate template you choose is a piece of cake. You can automatically turn for 45 degrees and 90 degrees or use custom rotation to get the image exactly as you’d like it.
  • Rotate Elements

    When putting together designs for your online materials, you will need to turn things often. Starting from photos that need touching up the horizon line, and all the way to creating diagonal dynamic headlines, rotation is crucial for a high-quality design.

  • Flip Horizontally and Vertically

    To mirror the picture for your rotation purposes, you can use the flipping tool that is also part of our editor. The combination of flipped and rotated elements is often the key element for the artists to create amazing patterns and distinctive font-based layouts.

  • Resize Easily

    The rotated image doesn’t fit quite right? Resize it any moment to align with the adjacent elements. Play with the size and position of the pieces to reach a balanced composition. It’s so easy—just pinch and drag the part you’d like to resize.

  • Rotate Anything

    Rotate feature is among the most simple ones, but it gives life to key design shapes, compositions, and combinations. For example, the flower is created by rotating a petal shape. Think memes like spinning headlines or cat fractals. Why not create a rotated design now?

  • Upload Your Own Content

    VistaCreate rotator allows you to work with your own files straight away. You can upload your own working files in jpeg, png, img formats anytime you need to make personalized content. Look further in the template options if you want to apply filters or effects to your graphics.

  • Download and Share

    Find it, rotate it, download it. VistaCreate is so easy to use, now you can go to it any time when you need a quick correction for your images. Make a gallery, download your designs, or simply share them with your followers in a few clicks.

Useful to Know when Rotating Image

We believe 99% of us need it for the horizon correction on our vacation photos, but there’s more to this tool. Rotating the elements of your design is a must-do for a balanced composition. Skillful rotation is also the key to photo manipulations like collages and fractals.
  • Move and Rotate

    Move, Rotate and Transform are a saint Trinity of design. If you don’t do this all the time, we don’t really know how you get along. So, for everyone who believes in fast yet professional design as we do, we provide a wide range of editing possibilities in VistaCreate.

  • Mind the Crop

    One of the reasons to rotate images is when you’re transitioning from portrait to landscape format. When doing this correction, the crop is inevitable. Always check the result closely, to make sure you don’t cut off more than you want from the background.

  • Stick to Angles

    If you don’t feel very confident with custom rotation, use controlled rotation by tracking your angles—15, 30, 45 degrees and so on. When you get your piece of design in your desired size and position, simply move it in place and lock it with a button in the top left corner.

  • Rotate in Group

    When you rotate the headlines and text blocks one by one, it is tiring and time-consuming. Use the easy VistaCreate feature of rotating groups of objects. Choose several objects and switch them to the group mode, or simply hold together with the Control/Command button.

How to Rotate Image

  • 1
    Pick an image
    When you’re choosing a template, you can rotate any element in it. Simply click on the detail that you’d like to change. You will immediately see the corner areas highlighted. When you hover over them, the cursor will change into an arrow.
  • 2
    Grab and drag
    Rotation is a responsive and intuitive tool. Grab any corner of the highlighted element and drag it to start rotating. This way you can rotate an image, video, headline, sticker, edit any element and view the changes in real-time.
  • 3
    Group several elements to rotate them simultaneously. It is a useful tool for the preview of text lines placement in your banners and covers. While you have a couple of objects in a group mode, take a moment to try auto-alignment function on the upper left of the artboard. It’ll get your pieces lined up perfectly.
  • 4
    Go 180 degrees
    For the kind of rotation when you need similar elements in opposing positions, use the flipping feature. It is an easy way to get your elements to reflect horizontal or vertical.

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  • Can I rotate the videos and animated elements in VistaCreate?

    Yes, you absolutely can. When you pick the animated templates for the video content in VistaCreate, you can add any of the animated objects on your artboard and turn them around, just like the static ones. From there, you can place and scale them as you wish.
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