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The ability to quickly rotate pictures online in a handy editor can save you a lot of time. The need to rotate an image is common when you’re working with designs for Facebook and other social media. VistaCreate allows you to easily rotate pictures as you want to. Change image rotation in a click using hotkeys or a helpful button on the editing panel.
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Try photo editing features in VistaCreate

Rotating images gives you more room to experiment with composition, whether you’re creating social media posts, website banners, or marketing materials. The VistaCreate photo rotator lets you easily spin, flip, or rotate images online. What’s more, our image editor offers plenty of other editing tools, giving you endless possibilities for creative expression. Try our free rotator to spin an image online and feel free to go on using our various design features to complete your project.
  • Rotate images and objects

    Complete your image rotation in a click with VistaCreate. With our easy-to-use editing features, you can rotate photos by 90, 180, 270, and 360 degrees. You can also rotate any element on the artboard using the same tool and create well-balanced visuals for your needs.

  • Flip horizontally and vertically

    To mirror a picture, you can use the flipping tool in our rotator and quickly change the default orientation. Flip your image horizontally if you need landscape orientation or choose portrait (vertical) mode to create your Facebook or Instagram Story designs.

  • Edit your images

    Your rotated pictures don’t fit quite right? Easily resize them to align with adjacent elements or crop your images online to get rid of unnecessary parts. You can also slightly adjust the transparency, brightness, contrast, and other settings, or experiment with filters in VistaCreate to perfect your pictures.

  • Remove photo backgrounds

    Besides working with image orientation, VistaCreate allows you to experiment with backgrounds. Remove your image background in one go or leave it transparent to highlight the focal point. You can also set another image as a background or select a solid color — there are no limits to your creativity!

  • Animate your designs

    Make your visuals even more eye-catching with animation. Whether you want a subtle turn, a dramatic flip, or a smooth spin, we’ve got you covered. Explore various animated effects in the VistaCreate online image rotator and make dynamic visuals that are sure to catch your audience’s attention!

  • Upload your own content

    Want to work with your own content? Upload photos, videos, and other files to VistaCreate and place them onto the artboard to start editing. Our editor allows you to add image files in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. Easily upload your content to the editor and create personalized visuals for any project.

Things to consider when rotating images

Rotating elements of your design is crucial when it comes to making a balanced composition. The need to make an image spin is often important when it comes to creating complex visuals like collages, vision boards, etc. To achieve desired rotation results, some things need to be considered.
  • Mind the crop

    Keep an eye on the crop area when rotating images from portrait to landscape image orientation. You want to make sure you’re not leaving out important elements.

  • Pay attention to the horizon line

    When rotating landscape images, it’s important to ensure that the horizon line is leveled. If the horizon is crooked, the image may look off and distorted. Be mindful of the rotation angle and how it affects the image before finalizing it.

  • Stick to angles

    If you don’t feel very confident with custom rotations, use controlled rotations by tracking your angles — 15, 30, 45 degrees, and so on. Once you’ve decided on positioning, click on the button in the header menu to lock it in place.

  • Keep the original aspect ratio

    When rotating an image online, it’s important to maintain the original aspect ratio to prevent distortion. Maintaining aspect ratio ensures that your visuals look professional and visually appealing, which is important when creating graphics for business use.

How to rotate an image online

  • 1

    Select an image

    After choosing a format and a template on the VistaCreate main page, select an image that you want to rotate. You can upload your own image file or choose one from our creative library. Place your chosen picture on the artboard to start editing.
  • 2

    Rotate photo

    Turn your image online by applying the rotating tool in the editor. To do so, click on your photo, hold the curved arrow in the corner, and start rotating your photo until you’re satisfied with the result.
  • 3

    Make extra edits

    After you’ve rotated the image, adjust it further to your liking with other editing tools. Flip, crop, or resize your image; remove the background; or try out other features in VistaCreate to make a high-quality picture.
  • 4

    Download or share

    Once you’re satisfied with the edits, you can download the rotated picture in a desired format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.). You can also share your image online using sharing options in the header menu of the artboard.

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  • Can I rotate videos and animations in VistaCreate?

    Yes! Our free image rotator allows you to work with any elements on the artboard. Rotate your video or photo clockwise, move static or animated objects, and more. Simply place your video, animation, or object on the artboard and easily apply the rotating tool to perfect the composition.
  • Can I rotate several elements at once?

    Yes, you can. To do so, hold the “Shift” button and select all the elements one by one. Another way to do this is by left clicking and dragging your cursor over all the components. After that, just drag as usual to rotate all elements at once.
  • Can I rotate photos on my phone?

    Of course! All you need is to install the VistaCreate app on your device. Our mobile editor offers plenty of image editing features and customization tools, enabling you to create amazing visuals on the go. Flip, crop, and rotate images right on your phone. The VistaCreate app is available for both iOS and Android devices.