Sky Blue

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The meaning behind sky blue

Create light, airy designs with a sky blue color scheme.

About the color

People associate this color with the shade of a clear sky. It also represents the healing nature of water and a tender breeze. Sky blue is usually associated with romance, dreams, and hope. 

Sometimes, the symbolism behind sky blue is linked to divinity and accessibility due to the color’s cool tones. That’s why different shades of sky blue are often used in religion. 

Besides, sky blue evokes feelings of loyalty, trust, and confidence. For this reason, many famous brands use it in their branding and logo designs. Therefore, blue shades are always a winning decision for visuals that promote your business. The hex code for sky blue is #87CEEB.

Type Value
RGB 135, 206, 235
CMYK 0.43, 0.12, 0, 0.08

Application in design

Sky blue is one of the most popular colors in graphic design. You can use a sky blue color scheme for both business and personal visuals. 

Sky blue shades are considered to enhance cognitive skills. Therefore, use sky blue as a background for your educational materials, mind maps, mood boards, and so on to increase the impact of your designs.

Sky blue ensures a sense of reliability, trustworthiness, and stability. Mix sky blue with white and create a powerful color combination for your branded designs (logos, letterheads, websites, etc.). 

A cool sky blue is complementary with almost any warm shade. For example, you can experiment with a pink palette to create a romantic and dreamy graphic design. Or mix sky blue with light green or yellow to make brighter combinations for your visuals.

Find your perfect sky blue combination and create aesthetic designs for any occasion.

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