Light Cyan

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The meaning behind light cyan

What is light cyan's color meaning? Learn how it can bring your designs to life.

About the color

Light cyan is bright, cheery, and easy on many people’s eyes. It’s the daytime sky at its brightest, where sunlight soaks in. You may also think of the shallowest end of a swimming pool or the beautiful blue-green luster of polished amazonite. Light cyan may also bring spring flowers or colored Easter eggs to mind. The light cyan hex code is #E0FFFF.

The light cyan color code tells you how to generate this color in digital mediums. While creating your graphic designs, you should also consider this shade’s intrinsic meanings. Cyan falls right in between green and blue on the color spectrum. It can take on some of the common connotations with green or blue. Healing, growth, balance, nature, and creativity may come to mind. While light cyan is a calm and relaxing color, it can also signify trust and integrity.

Different shades of cyan have existed since our planet’s oceans and atmosphere formed. However, the word “cyan” didn’t appear in the English language until 1879. Cyan comes from the ancient Greek word “kyanos.” Although this term first referred to a deep blue shade like lapis lazuli, we now associate it with the familiar bluish-green hue. Light cyan is just one example.

Type Value
RGB 224, 255, 255
CMYK 0.12, 0, 0, 0

Application in design

The HSV model expresses color in three distinct values. Hue represents the color itself, while saturation and brightness measure the amount of color and its intensity. Light cyan has a value of 180 degrees with 12% saturation and 100% brightness.

Light cyan has different values in the RGB and CMYK color systems. Used in electronic color displays, the RGB model combines different levels of red, green, and blue light to create each unique shade. The light cyan RGB value is 30% red, 35% green, and 35% blue. Meanwhile, the CMYK system is used to generate color on the printed page. It blends cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. The light cyan CMYK code calls for 12% cyan with no magenta, yellow, or black.

Unlike many other cyan shades, light cyan is a pastel color. Pastels are recognizable by their low saturation and high brightness. People usually perceive pastels as more fun and playful than their darker counterparts. With its upbeat vibe, light cyan pairs well with other pastels. You can use it in a spring-themed palette for your seasonal marketing campaigns. Light cyan also lends itself to a wintry aesthetic when combined with silver, gray, white, lavender, and darker shades of blue.

With its pale tint, light cyan suggests an upbeat mood and a refreshing feel. This could work well for marketing fragrances, especially those with citrus or aquatic notes. People may see this shade as watery or tropical, making it an ideal choice for some beverage brands.

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