Cornflower Blue

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The meaning behind cornflower blue

Use rich, striking cornflower blue to inspire customer loyalty in your graphic designs.

About the color

The cornflower blue color name and color meaning are based on the bright annual flowers called blue cornflower or bachelor buttons. Cornflower blue is a light to medium shade of blue, with just a touch of green. The cornflower blue hex code #6495ED is used in all kinds of global designs; even Crayola has a crayon named “cornflower blue.”

Cornflowers have been associated with several cultures over the centuries. Ancient Egyptians believed they symbolized fertility and life; they often provided decoration to pharaohs’ funerals. Chiron, a centaur in Greek mythology, used cornflowers as an antidote to poisoned arrows. Queen Louise and her children hid from Napoleon’s army in a cornflower field in Prussia; her son, King Wilhelm, named the cornflower as the country’s national emblem. Christians associate the flower with Jesus and His mother Mary.

Used in herbal remedies, cornflowers are edible. Bachelors who were interested in a woman romantically once wore boutonnieres made from cornflowers; young women also wore or carried the flowers to show their readiness for marriage. Thus, the vivid blue blooms represent hope and patience in love and being single.

The lovely, rich shades of blue in cornflowers are symbolic of refinement, elegance, delicacy, peace, positive energy, kindness, loyalty, stability, sincerity, confidence, and wisdom. Extremely valuable sapphire gemstones are called cornflower blue; these stones are believed to enhance communications and spiritual insights, offer protection, and reduce negativity and insecurities.

Many hexadecimal shades of blue are used in marketing and graphic design. Cornflower blue is a popular color because of the positive connotations it invokes, including honesty, stability, and trust.

Type Value
HEX #6495ED
RGB 100, 149, 237
CMYK 0.58, 0.37, 0, 0.07

Application in design

The cool color of cornflower blue makes an excellent background for your graphic designs. Complementary palettes include other shades of blue, green, purple, magenta, lavender, yellow, and crimson. Companies that want to project a trustworthy image may use a cornflower blue color code for their brands.

Cornflower blue is a versatile color used in fashion, jewelry, and accessories design. It is also found in upholstery, linens, dinnerware, and many other home furnishing and decor applications. Cornflowers are one of the very few truly blue flowers, making them a popular choice with floral designers.

Because this blue’s aesthetic appearance is pleasing when used in combination with so many other colors, a cornflower blue color scheme can be vivid or sedate, calming, and trendy. Although cornflower blue is commonly used as a background or to add pops of color, you can also use it for your font color as long as it will stand out well enough to be legible.

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