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History of Black Friday

In spite of the fact that it’s a rather contemporary holiday, the origin of Black Friday has different theories. We expand on a couple of the most popular ideas.

The first one stands for the day after Thanksgiving somewhere in the 1950s’ in Philadelphia. There were huge human and traffic jams because of vast shoppers and tourists rush.

The second theory traces history back to the 1980s’ when big retailers started to celebrate this day as a profit turning point of the year. Meaning that they go from being "in the red" to being "in the black".

Black Friday Traditions

What else if not shopping?! You’ll be surprised but some people do make this day—a family day with its own traditions. It naturally comes out of the all family reunion on the previous day — the mighty Thanksgiving. Let’s look at a few for marketing inspiration.

Strategic Planning. Many families see this big shopping event as a tough game. The winner takes it all. Shoppers don’t cry. And so on. So, if you want to win—you’d better make a hell of a strategy. Some shopping warriors start their mind games right after Thanksgiving dinner. They draw a map of a retail store to conquer and define the dispositions of every family member, discuss the timing, divide the shopping areas, and plan the whole day in detail. If that’s not family bondage—you have a rock instead of a heart.

Car trip to the mall of your dreams. Another great activity to spend with a family—a car trip. Some families pick the biggest, the fanciest, the most good-looking mall on Instagram or the one with some obnoxious stuff they or their kids dreamt of. But, it’s not just about shopping—it’s more about road adventure and family time together. With a great discount bonus at the end.

Night shift in line. This activity requires a tough character and a burning shopping desire to be among the first buyers of the discounted products. And a folding chair—because you’ll have to wait all night in line for the shop to open. Apple product lovers or gamers are among those all-night-in-line maniacs. But what a cool story to tell after you’ve got your well-deserved precious!

Marketing Activities on Black Friday

In some states of America it is a day off, so people could get into the shopping fever at full speed. The latest holiday trends say that Black Friday sales miraculously expanded from 1 day into 4. And now we have a mega-shopping event: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Sunday, and Cyber Monday. The more, the merrier. For marketing people, especially. Check this occasion as a 4-day event on your marketing planner and read the facts we prepared for you to stay alert during the heaviest sale period.

Go Social Media. Call-to-action always works. Create SM contests with simple instructions. Examine and find out the perfect time to post and be responsive to all comments.

Go e-mail marketing. Use bold, standing out headlines and appealing promotions. Design beautiful visuals for your emails, and don’t forget about other supporting campaign materials like ads, Insta Stories, and posts.

Turn your promo landing page or a website into the Black Friday religion. Use professional design materials, templates, and patterns.

Think over the tactics of your discount and sales program thoroughly. Plan this in advance, and prepare to give out your product or services almost for free during Black Friday. Or at least with 50% off.

Go for a Flash Sale, empower some limited time hype. Use a countdown to underline the upcoming selling fever.

Colors of Black Friday

Of course, it’s black! But also golden, silver, and literally every color that fits black, which is any color to be true. Red, light blue, pink, purple. And don’t forget about tons of glitter! The more glitter you add to your designs—the more user attention you grab.

Symbols of Black Friday

“Money makes the world go round”—sings the glorious Liza Minelli. And she is absolutely right. At least when it’s about Black Friday symbols. This holiday is all about saving money, spending money, grabbing discounts and sales. The following Black Friday symbols and emojis can become handy for your marketing campaigns.

Money. Dollar signs, banknotes, golden coins, money bags, wallets, credit cards, money-mouth smiley.

Sales. Percentage signs, hearts-eyed smileys, discount bombs, flashlight sales.

Shopping. Shopping bags, wrapped gifts, receipts, shopping carts, a department store.

Time & Speed. Clocks, running people, countdown. Anything or anyone to illustrate the rush.

Emotions. Sales hunting—is a very emotional activity, so all types of smiley faces will do the promo trick. And don’t forget the black heart—the greatest symbol of social media Black Friday.

Templates for Black Friday

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