Resize Photos for Facebook with VistaCreate

Create shareable content for Facebook using the smart resizing tool in VistaCreate. Easily resize an image to fit all major social media in one go. Prepare standout visuals for Facebook ads, posts, stories, and more.
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Resize photos for facebook online

Resize picture for your Facebook profile with VistaCreate

Adjust the size and dimensions of your images and cover all your content needs with VistaCreate. Explore the editor’s resizing options and other design features to make your business stand out with unique visuals.
  • Resize a photo for Facebook

    You can change image size with a single click to create various types of content for Facebook, including posts, banner images, cover photos, and more. Scale your images to fit all the platform requirements without cropping and affecting quality.

  • Resize images in a click

    Resizing images for each publishing platform is time-consuming. Use the VistaCreate image resizer and prepare your picture for several social media platforms in one click. Simply choose multiple size options in the editor, and you’re done.

  • Apply photo effects

    Customize your resized images with incredible photo effects. Apply photo filters, add borders, and play with brightness, tint, and other settings to create quality designs for your page.

  • Remove a background

    Experiment with header image backgrounds using VistaCreate’s free background remover. Highlight your product with an eye-catching background or create a solid logo with a transparent background.

  • Crop and rotate images

    Image compression might lower resolution. Instead, crop your photo for Facebook in VistaCreate and get high-quality results. Easily rotate images to switch from portrait to landscape format, or create diagonal dynamic headlines — there are no limits to your imagination!

  • Create animated visuals

    Impress your audience on Facebook with custom animations! Explore animated features in the editor to find one for your creative idea, or embellish your images with catchy animations from VistaCreate’s media library.

Main perks of the VistaCreate Facebook image resizer

Take the easy route to multiple image sizes, fit for every social strategy, advertising campaign, and brand message. Resize any image to fit Facebook cover photo dimensions, adjust your photos to posts and stories, and show off your brand on social media.
  • Facebook formats

    Prepare all types of content for social media in one place. Easily resize photos for a Facebook cover, post, story, ad, event poster, and many more with the preset formats in VistaCreate. Make high-quality designs that fit format requirements and build a strong online presence through your visual content.

  • Numerous design features

    The VistaCreate design platform provides unlimited design potential with plenty of editing tools and features. Play with fonts, decorate your visuals with trendy objects, add sound to your Facebook designs, and more. All on one platform.

  • Smart tools for multiple resizes

    With the VistaCreate resizing tool, you can set as many custom dimensions as you need and receive several resized images at once. Besides, all recently used size options are shown first to make your design process even more flawless.

  • Extensive library of content

    Looking for a perfect image for your Facebook post? Discover millions of images on any topic and theme in the VistaCreate library. Find photos that suit your social profile best and quickly resize them to fit Facebook content requirements.

How to resize an image for Facebook in VistaCreate

  • 1
    Upload an image
    Log into your VistaCreate account or create a new one to get started. Go to the My Files tab in the editor’s interface, click the Upload button, and select the image you want to add for a perfectly sized Facebook photo.
  • 2
    Add the image to the artboard
    Choose a design format for your project or select a blank canvas to design from scratch. Then, place your image onto the artboard to start editing.
  • 3
    Resize the photo for Facebook
    Find the Resize button in the top panel and set the necessary dimensions to change your image size. You can also choose from the ready-to-use image formats and quickly resize your image to multiple sizes.
  • 4
    Share your image
    Preview the final result and then easily download the image in your desired format (JPG, PNG, PNG Transparent, PDF Standard, or PDF Print). You can also share your content to social media straight from the editor.

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  • Can I resize my image to multiple sizes at once?

    Sure! With the VistaCreate resizing tool, you can easily resize photo for Facebook page, and also set several custom dimensions for your image, or choose several preset options to resize one design to multiple formats. Each resized picture will be open in a new tab, so you can easily edit any of them.
  • How do I know the perfect Facebook profile pictures size?

    With VistaCreate, you don’t have to memorize all image requirements for social media — we’ve got you covered. Find preset options for all FB formats in our Facebook profile picture resizer and effortlessly create custom visuals for social media.
  • Can I resize pictures for other social media?

    Of course you can. VistaCreate is a free online image resizer, and it offers preset formats for all major social media platforms. Upload your image to the editor, click the Resize button on the top panel of the interface, and choose the option you need — from an event cover to a YouTube thumbnail.