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Design Free Proposals in Minutes

Creating a proposal has never been easier with our templates and design tools. Upload your own photos and browse our graphics library to create a business plan, art proposal, or any other ideas you can think of. Our proposal maker can offer a custom approach.

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DIY designs for proposals

Consult our professional templates as examples to learn how to create a business proposal, then edit the design generator to get the personalized mockup your business needs.

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Create custom proposals

Our simple app interface lets you get creative with marketing, research, or any other proposal you need. Use our business plan maker for free to design plans and other important documents.

Professional templates

You can edit any template in the design builder if you need different styles or messages. You’re the creator, after all!

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Unique design objects

Find a template you love, then drag and drop fonts, graphics, stickers, and more into the canvas to personalize your creation.

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Proposal customizable elements

Every template and object can be customized to reflect your business culture.

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Upload your proposals

You can also upload your objects into the generator. For example, use cute proposal pictures or professional images for a dynamic visual design.

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Get full design power with

Product features

  • Access 70M+ royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors
  • Remove backgrounds from your images with a single click
  • Create multiple Brand Kits with your brand colors, fonts, and logos
  • Upload your own images and instantly turn them into stickers
  • Invite up to 10 members to your Team Account and design together
  • Get unlimited storage to keep all your files and designs

How to make a proposal

Choose the format

Search “Proposal” in the search bar. Then narrow the type if desired — marketing, education, research, and more. If you don’t see the specific type you need, the templates can be easily edited to fit any theme or business need.

Select a template

Browse our templates for a sample of the type of design you’re looking for. Then, compare images and styles for the right fit. When you click on a design, it will show you the dimensions. Then, it’s off to the canvas for editing!

Customize your proposal

Add photos, fonts, and more to the design creator to add your own flare. Every design object can be edited as desired to make your proposal unique. Also, check out the Brand kit section at the bottom of the left menu bar for advice on branding for business.

Download and share

All templates are available for social media or download, making this one of the most accessible apps to use for digital design. Click the “Download” button to save a copy locally. With our professional designs, Then, edit what you have created. You can share a link by navigating to the upper right corner of the editor.


What types of proposals can I design?

You can create a project proposal, business plan, research proposal, marketing proposal, and more. Edit the proposal online free and personalize it to your needs. If you’re wondering how to start with different formats, check out our tutorials to get started.

How should I design my proposal?

Can I collaborate on my proposal with colleagues?

Beautiful templates for every occasion

Browse professional templates to find the perfect design for your business proposal needs.

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