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Create a Unique Bakery Logo

Well-crafted bakery logos entice your customers’ senses and encourage them to try your freshly baked pastries. Leveraging the power of just a few words and images, you can easily design your DIY logo using VistaCreate’s bakery logo maker.

make bakery logo online

Impress with your bakeshop logo

Get inspired to develop cool logos with VistaCreate’s ever-growing pool of professionally designed templates and make a custom logo for your business. Whether you have a baking company or a bread company, you will find the template for your logo idea.

create bakery logo online

Free online bakery logo design tools

VistaCreate offers you all the essential design tools and elements required to develop a logo design that perfectly fits your brand. Our baking logo maker leverages the power of images, words, and colors to bring the best out of your design.

A wide library of templates

We have a wide selection of templates to help you translate your ideas into a cute design. Moreover, VistaCreate creator lets you edit any template you want any way you like to create a personalized design.

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Thousands of design objects

Our library of design objects lets you create countless unique designs from a single template. Use the drag-and-drop function to move all the design elements you want on the canvas, customize them, and scale to your liking.

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User-friendly customize tab

Come up with a personalized bakeries’ logo using VistaCreate’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature. You can add new elements or images such as a cookie image, a cake, bread, or even a baker to give your logo a more customized touch.

customize bakery logo designs

Upload your files

VistaCreate also allows you to create designs from scratch without using our templates. You can begin your creative process using a blank canvas or enter custom dimensions. After that, you can upload your files to create your logo.

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Get full design power with

Creative assets

  • Use 50K+ templates without any download limits
  • Access 50M+ royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors
  • Create with premium music, fonts, backgrounds, and objects

Product features

  • Invite up to 10 members to a team account
  • Create an unlimited number of Brand Kits with colors, logos, and fonts
  • Use unlimited storage to keep your files

How to make a bakery logo in VistaCreate

Select format

Type “Bakery Logo” in the search bar to easily find this format. Or select a blank template to start your design from scratch.

Choose a template

Explore our massive collection of professionally created templates to choose one that best suits your needs.

Customize your design

Give your design a more personalized look by playing with colors, texts, and fonts, and other elements in the artboard. Upload your own files for a truly unique look.

Download and share your bakery logo

Once you are done with your design, you can hit that save button to save your design. Download your logo or share it online with your patrons.


As a baker, what skill sets do I need to create my own logo?

You don’t need any special skills to make your logo with VistaCreate. Our bakery logo generator comes with ready-to-go templates designed by professional designers. Simply use our design features which will help bakers easily create a logo for business.

How long will it take me to come up with my design?

Do you have any pastries logos samples?

A wide pool of stunning templates

Start designing today with our broad selection of design templates and create unique bakery logos that match your brand.

Bakery Ad With Layered Pink Cake
Sweets Ad With Round Lollipop In Red
Fast Food Ad With Burger In Orange
Restaurant Promotion With Food And Cloche
Pizzeria Ad With Yummy Piece
Healthy Food Concept With Dish Under Cloche
Light Bulb Icon In Brown
Pizzeria Ad With Slice Of Pizza Sketch
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