Pastel Yellow

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The meaning behind pastel yellow

Create trendy branded visuals with pastel yellow.

About the color

Pastel yellow is a light shade of yellow with hexadecimal code #FDFD96. It is achieved by adding yellow to the white base. In the CMYK color model, pastel yellow is comprised of 0% Cyan, 0% Magenta, 41% Yellow, and 1% key. The RGB value is 253, 253, 150.

Like all pastel colors, pastel yellow gets its name from pastels — a pigment used by artists that makes shades softer and less saturated. The color name comes from the French word “pastel,” which appeared in 1662 from the Medieval Latin “pastellum.” 

Pastel yellow is considered a gender-neutral color and is often used in baby decor when a child’s sex isn’t known yet. This color is soft and delicate. This is why many beauty and cosmetics brands use different shades of pastel yellow in their branded visuals. Pastel colors are gentle and soothing, and can be used to add a hint of romance or promote relaxation in graphic design.

Type Value
RGB 253, 253, 150
CMYK 0, 0, 0.41, 0.01

Application in design

The symbolism behind pastel yellow is sophistication and tenderness. So, a pastel yellow color scheme is a good choice for jewelry, fashion, and beauty brands. Besides, pastel yellow has the same color meaning as yellow. It represents the sun, joy, and happiness. This is why many bakeries, gift shops, and other companies related to small favors use a pastel yellow palette in their logos, websites, decoration, etc. Apply pastel yellow to your background and evoke positive emotions with your design.

Create an aesthetic color combination by pairing pastel yellow with different shades of lilac. Soft blue colors are also complementary to pastel yellow and bring harmony and style to pale pastel designs. Pair pastel yellow with bright peach or orange shades to make a vibrant color combination. Create trending visuals for branding by mixing pastel yellow with Very Peri, Pantone’s 2022 color of the year.

Emphasize the beauty of your brand with pastel yellow.

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