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The meaning behind nude

When used in graphic design, the neutral shade Nude evokes warmth and comfort while simultaneously oozing elegance.

About the color

The Nude color code is a timeless hue that is a combination of light brown and white. The shade was initially named for the skin tone of Caucasians and is often mistaken for other colors, such as beige and tan. For diversity purposes, the term “nude” has expanded to include different shades of the color, but in design, it still refers to the original hue. The nude hex code for nude is #E3BC9A.

As a neutral shade, nude is one that many people associate with comfort and warmth. Because of its practicality and timelessness, many people might associate the hue with more conventional forms of thinking, conformity, and order. Though some people might view nude as a dull color, its very quietness can ensure a peaceful vibe. A nude color scheme often evokes feelings of security, practicality, and modest values.

According to color psychology, a nude palette suggests that a person is caring, collaborative, open, vulnerable, and sensitive. Many people who decorate with nude are thought to be calm and genuine and to approach life with an optimistic outlook. They are friendly and inviting and generally comfortable in their own skin.

In terms of business branding, nude and its related shades can convey trust, simplicity, and timelessness. When paired with other no-nonsense colors, it may communicate order and practicality. If used with brighter colors, nude can become playful.

Type Value
RGB 227, 188, 154
CMYK 0, 0.17, 0.32, 0.11

Application in design

In design, nude is quite versatile. As a neutral, you can find a complementary shade just about anywhere on the color wheel. It pairs particularly well with black, taupe, and sage, but you may be as equally pleased with a pairing with another, brighter color as well. Depending on what color you pair it with, a nude background can help you achieve several vibes, ranging from calming and down-to-earth to playful and energetic.

Because nude gives off a modest and elegant vibe while still remaining delicate and feminine, the color has become extremely popular in the fashion and beauty industries in recent years. In addition to seeing it pop up all along the runways, you may notice that beauty brands have taken to packaging their products in different shades of the hue.

For its versatility, you may want to take cues from the fashion and beauty industries and use nude in your branding. By using it as a background on your website and for your marketing materials, you can communicate that you are an open, honest brand with a commitment to integrity, order, and simplicity. When used as the basis for your office aesthetic, you can create a space in which your team feels comfortable and happy.

Though nude often gets a bad rap for being boring, the truth is that, when paired with the right colors, it can appeal to everyone. This makes it a great color choice for the foundation of your branding, as you can easily tailor it to speak to your specific audience.

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