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The meaning behind tan

Evoke an earthy aesthetic with tan shades in your graphic designs.

About the color

Tan is a soft, pale shade of brown. The tan hex code is #D2B48C. The color name is derived from the process of turning animal hide into leather. This very process earned its name from the old German word “tannin,” which means oak trees. These trees produce a chemical compound used for tanning.

This calm, pleasant color is associated with beaches, warm sand, and forest trees. Therefore, tan is perfect in combination with turquoise and different shades of green. 

Like other shades of brown, tan evokes a feeling of safety, security, and nobility. The symbolism behind tan alludes to nature, warmth, and calmness.

Tan is widely used in clothing, interior design, branding, and more. Find the value for a tan color scheme and use it in your creative projects.

Type Value
HEX #d2b48c
RGB 210, 180, 140
CMYK 0, 0.14, 0.33, 0.18

Application in design

Your shade of tan can change depending on the colors you use. For example, adding more brown will result in darker and richer shades, but adding white makes the color lighter. Play around until you find what works best for your design idea.

A tan color scheme is considered to be neutral. Due to its paleness, tan can be complementary with all colors on the color wheel. Mix tan and white and get a versatile color combination. It is suitable for different types of visuals, whether they’re for business or personal use. If you need a brave color scheme, try mixing tan and different shades of green. 

Bring objects and shapes forward by making your background tan. Mix tan with a black color palette for a classy look. Use tan with soft shades of pink to create tender visuals.

It’s almost impossible to pair tan with the wrong colors. Experiment with various shades and find the best color combination for your visual projects.

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