22 online business ideas to kick-start your career as an entrepreneur in 2022

    22 online business ideas to kick-start your career as an entrepreneur in 2022

    Butcher, baker…selfie stick maker?  When you’re thinking of starting a new career, one of the hardest things is just that — knowing where to ...

    Butcher, baker…selfie stick maker? 

    When you’re thinking of starting a new career, one of the hardest things is just that — knowing where to start. 

    You want to work from home and have your own online business. You’re just not sure what that business could be. 

    Fear not! 

    In this post, we’ve got a host of online business ideas to inspire you. From e-commerce and social media business ideas to making money out of words and creative designs.

    Social media business ideas

    1. Manage social media accounts

    Are you most at home on social media? Do you like getting likes (and shares, comments, retweets, and followers)? Then why not help brands engage with their audience?

    Especially since social media content creation is easy with tools like VistaCreate. Our online graphic editing tool offers plenty of ready-made templates to edit for your business and allows users to create trendy, professional-looking designs.

    2. Produce online videos

    TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Reels, and Instagram Stories. Video is the new selfie. And if you can master the technical side, there’s a vibrant market for video marketing. 

    ➡️ Check out our guide to using VistaCreate video editor.

    3. Become an influencer 

    Unless you’ve lived in a bunker for the last umpteen years, you’ll know influencer marketing is kind of a big thing. 

    And while consumers are getting pickier, there are still GIMONGOUS business opportunities to be had. Especially for micro-influencers. 

    And if you don’t really fancy putting all that hard work into growing your audience, don’t worry. There’s a way to live that influencer life without actually influencing anyone. Just become a UGC creator!

    Online business ideas for sharing your expertise

    4. Tutor online

    Are you an expert in something? And good at explaining it to others? 

    There are students out there who need a little help. And who are willing to pay you for your expert guidance. 

    5. Teach an online course

    Another option if you know a lot about something is to create an online course, e-books, or other digital products. 

    The great news? Once your educational material is up and running you can be earning while you sleep. 😴💰

    ➡️ For more ebook ideas and inspiration, check out our article.

    6. Give online coaching

    Do you have strong interpersonal skills? And experience in navigating transitions successfully? Consider coaching.

    What kind of coach? Here are a few possibilities:

    • Life coach
    • Career coach
    • Business coach
    • College consultant
    • Online dating consultant

    Earning certifications will let you charge more. And give you and your clients confidence.

    Online business ideas about getting personal

    7. Create an online fitness training platform

    Passionate about fitness and health? Able to build a workout and nutrition plan? Then building a personal training business could offer you a fulfilling career. 

    Apps, membership programs, and one-on-one sessions are just some of the ways to get active in your new business.

    ➡️ Check out our best ideas for fitness business social media marketing in this article.

    8. Be a virtual assistant 

    Some people are born organizers. And if you like working quietly away behind the scenes, becoming a virtual assistant might be perfect for you.

    9. Become an online event planner

    Do you have a knack for planning a party? For connecting and bringing people together? 

    Events are crying out for a detail-oriented person to take the wheel. From weddings and baby showers to conferences and trade shows.

    Make sure you promote your event business on social media. Check out our list of ideas for event social media marketing here.

    E-commerce small business ideas

    10. Start a dropshipping business

    Dropshipping is a way of selling products online without the hassle of having to stock them. 

    It’s a great way to eliminate the risk of finding there’s no market for a product…after you’ve placed a huge order with a manufacturer. 😱

    11. Design print-on-demand items

    Mugs, posters, greeting cards, and prints. T-shirts, hoodies, yoga pants, and totes… 

    Where print-on-demand differs from the dropshipping model is you get to unleash your own creativity and design something original. 

    12. Open an online clothing store

    If you love fashion and have a strong sense of style, why not open an online fashion boutique? 

    You don’t need to design or create your own clothes. Simply curate items from other vendors or give new life to your thrift shop finds. 

    Build an audience you can monetize

    13. Become an affiliate marketer 

    Get paid by brands to promote their products. On your blog, on your website, to your email list, or on social media. Ka-ching! 

    14. Start a blog

    Is there a subject you’re beyond passionate about? Something a sizable audience would come back for again and again? 

    As a blogger, you can make money from sponsored posts, selling your products, and sharing ads from other businesses. 

    15. Launch a podcast

    If you’re a good storyteller or can talk often about something people find interesting, podcasting could be for you.

    ➡️ Learn how to leverage design to make your podcast go viral in our article.

    As your podcast becomes more successful, you can attract paid sponsorships — or even sell your own merchandise. Did someone say T-shirts and hoodies?

    Business ideas for selling your words

    16. Do voiceover work

    Speaking of making money with your voice, are you naturally articulate? Do you have perfect diction and an ability to speak in a convincing way? 

    A career as a voiceover artist awaits. 

    From YouTube videos and web commercials to audiobooks and podcast intros — if you can vary your voice, the opportunities are varied. 

    17. Set yourself free as a freelance writer

    If you have a way with words, there are many ways to make money online. Here are just a few:

    • Copywriting 
    • Speech writing
    • Resume writing
    • Technical writing

    And if you ever find yourself burnt out, trying to fight a writer’s drought, check out our tips for beating writer’s block.

    18. Become a translator

    Speak another language or 3? 

    If teaching isn’t for you, you could try your hand at translating. 

    As the gap between what’s local and what’s global continues to narrow, many companies need to translate their materials. 

    19. Open a new chapter with editing or proofreading

    OK, so this one isn’t strictly making money out of your own words. But if you love reading and have an eye for detail, there’s a market for you. In all sorts of genres. 📚

    Digital business ideas 

    20. Build apps or websites

    Want in on a secret (code)? 

    Learning to code could open the door to a fulfilling new career. Because app and web developers are in constant demand. 

    21. Become an SEO consultant

    Can you wrap your head around SEO (search engine optimization)? 

    You can? Then let me say two things:

    1. Congrats! 


    1. Your search for an online business idea may be over. 

    Become an SEO expert and be one of the few people who actually look forward to Google changing its algorithms. 

    22. Create NFTs

    NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become a cultural phenomenon over the last year. And creating and selling them is one of the newest ways to start an online business. 

    But before you jump into the world of cryptocurrency, take some time to get your head around it. Inform yourself. Unpick the cryptic!  

    Promoting your new online business

    The online world offers many business opportunities. These are just 22 ideas to help broaden your horizons. 

    But whatever path you choose for your new online business, you’re likely to want to market it on social media.

    VistaCreate can help — with thousands of eye-catching designs and templates to choose from.

    Good luck!

    VistaCreate Team

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