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Struggling with complex design software? Start creating designs right away with the VistaCreate shape creator! You can easily customize professionally designed templates to make awesome and modern shape designs by mixing and matching shapes. With tons of options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Access thousands of design objects for any taste in our media library and use them to enhance your graphic design. The best part is that all elements are customizable, so you can easily adjust them to bring your creative idea to life.
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About the VistaCreate shape creator

Create stunning shape designs with VistaCreate. Make unique posters, invitations, business cards, images for social media, and so much more by combining a variety of geometric design elements. With the VistaCreate shape maker, it is easy to create cool shapes. Simply click on the shape you like or drag and drop it on the canvas.
  • Create shapes to embellish your designs

    Use shape creator to decorate your cards, invitations, planners, and proposals with free shapes. Add basic geometric shapes, such as squares and circles, or more complex shapes, such as hearts, stars, and speech bubbles, to create cool shape drawings that make your designs stand out.

  • Get inspired by design templates

    There is no need to cope with complicated shape software as you’re on the lookout for a shape designer. VistaCreate offers thousands of ready-to-use templates for various formats to help your start. Explore pre-made designs to see how to mix different shapes and easily make your own visuals. With so many options to choose from, you will never lack inspiration.

  • Combine shapes with other objects

    Though they may look basic, you can do a lot with shapes. Shapes are just a tiny part of a huge media library in our shape maker. Combine arrows, lines, and illustrations with shapes to make unique visuals every time. But don’t get carried away with the shape tool – too many objects can overcomplicate your design.

  • Create shapes for your pictures

    Import photos and pictures and enhance them with shape templates. Create interesting patterns by using the resizer tool to scale down your pictures and then arrange them on your background using shape designer. Use your designs to add interest to your Instagram Stories and highlights or to create unique artwork for other social media pages.

  • Animate shapes to catch attention

    You can easily animate any design shape with VistaCreate. Apply various effects in our shape generator to make a shape zoom, fade, wobble, shake, and spin with just a click of a button. Experiment with movement directions and set a delay if needed to customize your animated shape graphic.

  • Use shapes to highlight your text

    Combine your shape graphic with text to draw attention to your message. Style your writing with fonts, decorate curved text, or add even more curves. Turn, stretch, and scale shapes to achieve the result that makes you proud.

How to use the shape maker

  • 1

    Choose a template

    Log into your VistaCreate account or sign up to have your designs autosaved. Then pick a ready-made template that fits your idea or select a blank canvas to design from scratch.
  • 2

    Add a shape

    Go to the Objects tab in the left toolbar and scroll to find the Shapes section or narrow your search by entering the keyword to find the shape you need. Click on the object you like to place on the canvas.
  • 3

    Adjust the shape graphic

    Adjust the size, color, and opacity of the chosen shape. You can also resize your shape, flip it horizontally or vertically, or apply the animated effect to spice up your picture.
  • 4

    Edit and download

    Edit other elements on your artboard to fit your idea: add or replace objects, change text, switch the background, and more. Once you’re done editing, download your picture in JPG, PNG, or SVG format.

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  • What is a shape maker?

    This VistaCreate tool allows you to easily create and combine graphic shapes on your own or with other design elements to make original digital art.
  • How do I use the shape creator tool?

    Choose a template or start with a blank canvas. Navigate to the Objects menu and select Shapes. Add shapes to your design by clicking on the shapes you want to use or dragging and dropping them on the canvas. Use the VistaCreate tools to edit your shapes and combine them with other design elements. When you finish your design, you can download your artwork or share it directly from the VistaCreate interface.
  • Can I resize and rotate shapes?

    Of course! Whether you use a template or create a design from scratch, you can resize and rotate all design elements: photos, illustrations, animations, text blocks, shapes, and more. VistaCreate lets you enjoy the design process without a steep learning curve.
  • How can I make patterns with shapes and images?

    VistaCreate lets you easily add shapes and images to your design, resize and duplicate them and then arrange them on your canvas to create any pattern you like.
  • Can I use VistaCreate shapes in my designs for free?

    Absolutely! VistaCreate offers more than 53,000 free objects for any topic and theme. Choose from various stickers, shapes, illustrations, animations, and other elements and enhance your visuals to make them truly stand out.