How to Boost Your Marketing on Donut Day

    Donuts are a delicious treat loved across the globe, and Americans are number 1 fans. National Donut Day is coming up this Friday, on June 5, so whet...

    Donuts are a delicious treat loved across the globe, and Americans are number 1 fans. National Donut Day is coming up this Friday, on June 5, so whether your business is selling coffee with donuts or cryptocurrency trend analysis software, we’ve got ideas and templates for any marketing activity you have planned! (Okay, we don’t, but this is definitely an excellent kit if you’ve just remembered that Donut Day’s in just a handful of days;)

    Why Donut Day?

    If the fact that donuts are delicious, come in a variety of flavors and shapes, and make for a perfect companion to your morning coffee or tea isn’t enough to join in on the celebrations with your subscribers, clients and partners, these curious donut facts might!

    Estimated size of US donut industry: $3.6 billion.

    202+ million Americans consumed donuts in 2018.

    Boston has the most donut shops per capita in the world: one donut shop for every 2,480 people.

    Donut or doughnut?

    The original spelling is the longer one, but the original title was “oily cakes” and that’s did not stick around, so we say donuts, but hey – host a poll, have your audience decide! And make sure you get back to us with your result.

    Marketing activities

    Hosting a themed sale is kind of a tradition. Last year, Burger King released limited edition Whopper Donut:

    Image from Facebook

    Pizza chain Papa John threw in free donut holes for every two-pizza order:

    Image from Twitter

    But even if you don’t have a detailed plan for this year’s Donut Day, we have a few ideas that will help you make the best of the holiday:

    • trivia night,
    • donut-naming competition,
    • guess the flavor blindfolded game,
    • themed informational video,
    • a quest,
    • donut-drawing competition,
    • cook-off,
    • free donut counter-offer (offer your own item for free with every (beverage) purchase),
    • send donut boxes to partners,
    • include donut-themed graphics in your marketing visuals,
    • decorate your offices with donut-shaped balloons.

    Make sure you plan in advance for all the upcoming food-centered holidays this year with our interactive Foodie Calendar! 52 events, built-in links to themed templates, customizable designs – everything you need to develop an excellent food-holiday marketing strategy and plan out your content well in advance!

    Donut Day templates for when you need content right now

    Browse our donut-themed templates in the selection below or go to VistaCreate’s templates database to see the full collection (here).

    But remember: donut day isn’t the only marketing occasion your restaurant or cafe can use to drive engagement. For creative design tips, tricks and ideas, check out our Solutions for restaurant and cafe.

    VistaCreate Team

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