VistaCreate Goes Eco: Online Activities Turned into Offline Money for Green Future

VistaCreate launches a number of eco-initiatives to support everyone who’s striving to save our planet from environmental disasters. VistaC...

VistaCreate launches a number of eco-initiatives to support everyone who’s striving to save our planet from environmental disasters.

VistaCreate introduces “FaceofEarth” Instagram filter. The aim of this filter is to allow people to show their attitudes to environmental problems. Our team, on the other hand, will turn this online activity into real money. Each use of the filter will turn into a donation to non-profit organizations that are struggling to save our planet from disasters. 

Eco Filter

“We see a lot of social activism around environmental sustainability online and want to move the conversation offline by helping individual users and businesses alike to contribute to this important cause. To make this happen, we will donate money for each use of VistaCreate’s “faceofearth” filter. Whether it’s on your social media, the office or anywhere else, conversations about environmental issues are very important. As experts in marketing communications, our team aims to help everyone to share their eco-attitude in whatever form they see fit. We’re all in this together and making the first step is easier than it appears.”
– Nazar Begen, Head of Project at VistaCreate.

Our team also wants to help offices around the world become greener. We decided to achieve this goal by adding a series of eco-posters in our templates collection. Posters are free, beautifully designed, and ready for use but can be easily customized if needed even without special design skills. With these posters, people won’t forget about bringing plants to work, recycling batteries, separating the rubbish, and using natural resources more wisely. Print them out, hang around the office, and employees will always be reminded to keep an eco-friendly attitude to the environment they spend half of their lives in.

Ecoposter 01

Last but not least, VistaCreate team wants to help all non-profit organizations, including those striving for a more ecological future, to create remarkable designs for social media and web. We have a special program that allows non-profits to use VistaCreate premium features free of charge and create catchy designs that really speak out on the issue to huge audiences.

We hope these initiatives will raise public awareness about disasters, induce real actions, and consequently create the possibility for a better future.

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