Christmas Card Design Ideas

    Christmas Card Design Ideas

    HO HO HO! 🎅 Christmas holidays are on its way. That’s a perfect time to wrap up your daily routine. And open the box of creativity to amaze y...

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    HO HO HO! 🎅 Christmas holidays are on its way. That’s a perfect time to wrap up your daily routine. And open the box of creativity to amaze your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind Christmas card.

    Did you know that the remarkable tradition of sending a Christmas card comes from early Victorian England?  We have to thank Henry Cole for it. He was a prominent educator and patron of the arts. Boy, he had a lot of social contacts. And guess what? During the holiday season of 1843, those contacts were causing Cole much anxiety. He was receiving too many traditional so-called Christmas & New Year letters and had to write back to all of them to be polite.  So he asked his artistic friend to draw a picture of a family celebrating Christmas, put some jolly greetings on it and leave the blanc part for doing some personal initials there. And that’s how a Christmas card was born. Out of the lack of time into the most creative and unique way to express your feelings during the holidays.

    Have you done your Christmas shopping already?  Don’t worry! You still got plenty of time. And we have your back with tons of design ideas for Christmas cards: from easy-peasy DIY to sophisticated pieces of art.

    Vintage Classic

    Good old Santa by a Classic Christmas brings back cinnamon and egg-nog memories from childhood. So charmingly old-fashioned that looks refreshing in a digital world.

    Christmas cards ideas

    Digitally Yours

    If you feel like creating, but not good with scissors and glue — go digital. VistaCreate has tons of free templates to fulfill all your Christmas cravings. A few easy steps and your postcard is ready to roll.

    Christmas Card Design Ideas

    Family Customised

    Christmas time is family time! Send your family greetings to all the loved ones. Have a great Christmas photo? Bring it on and create a unique family photo customized card with VistaCreate. It’s easy and free. And totally will take its place of honor on the mantelpiece.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Christmas and the City

    Perfect choice for an urban lover by Joy Laforme. Pick your favorite city all decorated for Christmas to share with your loved ones. Bring back happy moments of walking on the streets, Xmas shopping, lights looking and sweets eating together)

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Hygge Hygge

    Embrace your holidays with a Hygge touch by tatiletters. Minimal and extremely lovable. Go for warm knits, adorable deers and wish your loved ones many-many happy moments of enjoying simple things.


    Great idea for those who live a sustainable life. Made with love, recycled kraft paper, and ink by BubbyAndBean. Totally eco-friendly and beautiful.

    Christmas card design ideas

    Big Letters

    If you want to say something — say it out loud. Make words to be the central piece of your card. Explore the typography power and prepare to be surprised by Kristie Kern.

    Christmas card design ideas

    Fairytale & Magic

    Make these holidays as magical as possible. Get a great illustrator Tomoko Suzuki to accompany you in this adventure and let the Christmas fairytale begin.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Cats & More Cats

    Cats are the most watchable creatures on social media. And the most memed ones. These are the facts. Besides, they are extremely cute, cuddly, and unpredictable. Oh! And very “christmascardable” by cartoonbeing 🙂

    Geek Stuff

    Geek is the new black. So bring forward the smartest and annoying stuff and don’t be afraid to leave the basement of your mom’s house. Let’s get nerdy with this Santa Emoticon by Blue Planet Boutique!

    Ribbon of Elegance

    It takes just one ribbon to transform a piece of paper into an elegant Christmas card. Do it yourself in VistaCreate or get it from CardsDirect — you’ll feel fabulous anyway.

    Stitches & Colors

    Some people can make a house from scratch. We dare you for an ambitious task also. How about a Christmas card from a stitch? Mix the colors for a festive look and you nailed it.

    Humor & Word Play

    Never underestimate the power of humor. It is the main ingredient of any holiday. Go for a greetings word-play by CoolSourceCards, it is always the safe option. And the best.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Animals in Winter

    Cute animals in ugly sweaters will melt the coldest heart. Create Christmas Card in VistaCreate or pick a furry friend by ksenia_lokko for your BFF and let’s go dancing in the snow. Or confetti.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Wine Christmas

    A perfect match for a wine lover by The White Birch Studio. A card that is actually a gift itself and can decorate any wall in the house. Cheers!

    Pop-up Card

    A 3D card by Alaa’K that doesn’t need any glasses. Just open it and be overwhelmed with the magic of paper engineering.

    Fancy Watercolors

    Let’s get fancy and artistic. Enjoy the beauty of the floating moment with this amazing watercolor design by ARIllustration. Dream yourself a calm little Christmas 😉

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Origami Mon Ami

    The gift of the East. Spice your card with some traditional Japan art – origami by Anker. That will definitely stand out from the ordinary.

    Rustic Fantastic

    Go for a true handmade by PepperPopPepper. Rustic elements will bring some warmth of imperfection and truth into the ideal social network life during the holidays.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Christmas Calligraphy Tree

    If you’re really good at handwriting, here comes the great opportunity to reveal this superpower. Shape your holiday greetings into the Christmas tree and wait for a prolific effect to come back to you! Or go with a pro EnjoySVG.

    Christmas cards design ideas


    Can’t stop singing fa-la-la-la-la? Don’t! Let’s pair your Christmas high spirits with a perfect match of a musically themed card. Or do it yourself like Tracy May. Win-win! La-la-la-la!

    Gift Wrapping Tree

    Great idea of a DIY Christmas card to match your presents under the tree. Create a Christmas tree from scrapes of gift wrapping paper. Easy and fun to do with your kids. And soooo upcycle. Or you can go fancy and make wall art from it as Susan Winget.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Line Art

    Graphical heaven for a perfectionist by GeekInk Design. Look at these clean lines — the pure joy of creativity and order. For those who like to be festive, but reasonable or corporative.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Geometry Design

    Merry Christmas to all geometry fans and design lovers! There is a triangular treat for you by freepic. Stay sharp during the holidays and don’t be a square.

    Go BIG

    Size matters. If you want to make a difference this year — enlarge your creativity. Go for a Christmas poster as Abra Design. That will draw somebody’s attention for sure.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Modern Sparkles

    Winter holidays are all about lights and sparkles. Use some foil and glitter, but stay cool as Redwood & Vine. You don’t need My Little Pony party here. Just a touch of magic and style. Great for family or business partners.

    Holiday Activities

    Sometimes one has to be reminded what are the holidays look like. This original design by Cheree Berry Paper will put your Christmas spirit right into the action. Prepare to have some fun!

    Natural Christmas

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Christmas is in the air! With this card design — it certainly is. Glue some green sprigs of pine or rosemary on a card to create a symbolic Christmas tree or wreath. And breath in festive notes of upcoming holidays.

    Monochrome & Minimal

    Be in style any day any time with Mock Up Designs. The monochrome greeting is an awesome trick to escape the red and green lunacy. Stay bold, minimal, and original.

    Cut-Out Ornament

    Well-thought design by The Postman’s Knock for those who aren’t afraid of doing some cutting. You can surprise your friends with a cut-out ornament to decorate their Christmas tree. Get а cool Christmas card and a memory gift all-in-one!

    Modern Santa

    An old story with a modern twist. Enjoy the contemporary graphics and hipster Santa from PaperCulture. Buy your personalized card and plant a tree at the same time! Merry Christmas to the planet Earth!

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Snow Globe

    Another great DIY design to embrace your creativity. Take out your scissors and colored paper, follow the step-by-step instructions of MayHoliCraft and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

    Contemporary & minimal

    Prove to yourself that Christmas colors and patterns can be contemporary & minimal with a pack of cards from Laura Knight Studio. Sit back and enjoy the clever and awesome design.

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Star Wars Christmas

    May the Christmas be with you! New Star Wars’ movie is on its way this December and you just have to celebrate it with your SW bros. That Card Shop has all you need to inspire the light side of you. Or the dark one;)

    Christmas cards design ideas

    Button Ornaments

    If you’re a fan of Christmas decorations, this design is for you! Button string of lights or ornaments will cheer up the spirits right away! Easy to make and fun to give. Go button hunting to your Gran’s house or visit the dark side of your closet to bring some joy and happiness to your old clothes. Anyway, CanadianLiving has a video tutorial to make it simple and beautiful.

    From VistaCreate with love

    What a great year it’s been! We wish our warm VistaCreate community a Merry Christmas! Let this holiday season fill you with joy, peace, and wonders! ❤️

    VistaCreate Team

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