Monthly Product Digest: What’s new in VistaCreate in August

    Monthly Product Digest: What’s new in VistaCreate in August

    How has August been for you? Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer to its fullest and are now ready to get back to creating amazing designs!  Our p...

    How has August been for you? Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer to its fullest and are now ready to get back to creating amazing designs

    Our product team has been working hard to introduce new updates to VistaCreate so that you can be even more productive when creating your new designs. And here they are — you can now post your designs from VistaCreate using the Scheduler and edit your masterpieces with Video Crop. What’s more, we have a major news if you’re speaking Suomi — now there’s an option to use Finnish in the interface. 

    Ready for detailed guide on those features?

    Introducing the Scheduler

    What is a Scheduler in VistaCreate and how do you use it?

    You can now schedule direct posting publications for the date and time in the future right from VistaCreate. Don’t break your creative streak — schedule from within VistaCreate and move on to more designs! Indeed, why waste time scheduling posts with a different tool when you can create your designs and manage their publication in the same place?

    The Scheduler works pretty simple: once you’re done creating a visual — click “Post” and you will be given a choice to publish the post now or schedule it for later.

    Working with VistaCreate Scheduler feature
    Choosing the publishing time in the VistaCreate Scheduler feature
    Typing the post to schedule

    This feature now works for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, but only for business pages. Please note there’s a standard Instagram limit of no more than 25 scheduled posts per 24 hours.

    Some important notes on the Scheduler: 

    • You can see the list of scheduled posts in your profile (My projects — Post Planner), chronologically sorted, with a clear understanding of planned date and time.
    • You can edit every post including date/time, text, or delete it.
    • You can edit the design of the scheduled post.
    • You see published posts — (My projects — Post Planner — Published).
    • If you’ve scheduled a Facebook post to multiple groups and you need to edit it — you only need to edit it once, and it will be edited across all Facebook groups to which this post has been scheduled. The same applies if you have a single post that you’d like to pin to several different Pinterest boards.

    Introducing Video Crop

    Video Crop: what is the feature about and how do you use it?

    So you have a video that you want to share with your audience but…you need to crop it. No worries — we’ve got you covered. Now, you can crop any video with the same logic as it works with photos. You can make any rectangular horizontal video square or even vertical, and select the part of the content that you want to show.

    Here’s how it works:

    Select a video that you want to add to your designs. 

    Choosing a video from the VistaCreate library of video assets

    Choose the “crop” icon at the top left.

    The crop icon in VistaCreate

    Adjust the size and choose the part of the video area that you want to show.

    Working with the Video Crop feature
    Working with the Video Crop feature

    Head over to VistaCreate to edit your videos in seconds!

    Presenting new language in VistaCreate’s editor: Suomi (Finnish)

    Suomi speaking folks, this one’s for you! You can now switch to Suomi in the VistaCreate’s editor — the interface, buttons, and other elements are all translated to your language. To choose Suomi, simply head to your account settings, select “Language” and apply Suomi. You’re all set!

    VistaCreate in Suomi
    VistaCreate graphic editor interface in Suomi (Finnish)

    We hope this will make the content creation process even more pleasant for you. 

    All updates reviewed, how about trying them out or creating a new designs right away? Do make use of our new features — we’re sure you’ll love them!

    Mariia Shnyrkova

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