7 inspirational podcasts for entrepreneurs

    7 inspirational podcasts for entrepreneurs

    The online world is flooded with millions of podcasts. Many of them focus primarily on helping entrepreneurs succeed in their business, but how many ...

    The online world is flooded with millions of podcasts. Many of them focus primarily on helping entrepreneurs succeed in their business, but how many of them are actually helpful?  

    Today, entrepreneurs need to take a 360-degree approach. It not only requires an excellent business vision, but a healthy mindset, a good work-life balance, emotional intelligence, and regard for mental health.

    Here are seven podcasts that will offer you high-quality business support and guidance to skyrocket your business.

    1. John Lee Dumas: Entrepreneurs On Fire 

    John Lee Dumas is a trending figure when it comes to podcasts. If you no longer want to spend time doing things you don’t enjoy, his award-winning Entrepreneurs on Fire show is right for you.

    He was the first to start featuring interviews with entrepreneurs every single day. To date, Dumas has published over 3,000 interviews with some of the world’s most successful and innovative businessmen. They share invaluable tools and tips that will help you design your path to success.

    2. Rory & AJ Vaden: The Influential Personal Brand 

    Many podcasts rattle on the importance of building a brand, but very few actually show how it’s done. The Influential Personal Brand, co-hosted by eight-figure entrepreneurs Rory and AJ Vaden, will guide you by offering concrete methods to identify your authentic self and develop that into a personal brand.

    Each episode is focused on practical and progressive marketing tips for people who want to create more impact, influence, and income.

    3. Jenna Kutcher: Goal Digger 

    In her Goal Digger podcast, Jenna Kutcher speaks to female entrepreneurs looking to redefine success and chase their boldest dreams. In this workshop-style business podcast, Kutcher delves into a world of marketing, finance, mindset, and productivity.

    The podcast demonstrates that entrepreneurs are not perfect leaders, but rather brilliant learners who push boundaries, experiment, analyze, and make progress at every step of the way. Her delivery style will inspire you to dream bigger and take steps towards success in your own, unique way.

    7 inspirational podcasts for entrepreneurs

    4. The Jasmine Star Show 

    What would your life be if there were no rules? Hosted by the founder and CEO of Social Curator, Jasmine Star, the Jasmine Star Show mixes business advice, soul food, plus a kick in the pants.

    Each episode encourages you to realign your inner compass so that your mind and beliefs become more robust. It’s about taking radical ownership over your business and life, and having the confidence to pursue your goals.

    Get ready to take the next step towards becoming the best possible version of yourself.

    5. Don Miller: Business Made Simple 

    The Business Made Simple podcast by Don Miller reduces the clutter and mystery surrounding the world of money.

    Miller draws an analogy between business and an aircraft, where the various parts relate to different aspects of a business. Last year his company generated $16.5 million with a 64 percent profit margin using the aircraft model, so it does fly.

    Each episode lifts the veil of mystery about running a business, and explains to listeners that a successful business is about the process. 

    Miller strongly believes that despite education, gender, or background, being a committed entrepreneur is what it takes to create a business and build the life you desire.

    7 inspirational podcasts for entrepreneurs

    6. Michael Hyatt: Win at Work and Succeed at Life 

    Win at Work and Succeed at Life, created by the founder and chairman of Michael Hyatt & Company, explores overworking, making hustled decisions, and the destructive idea that to spend more time with family you have to put your career on hold.

    Michel realized he was missing out on life when he was working 70+ hours a week as the CEO of a $250 million corporation.

    For this reason, he started an eight-figure leadership firm committed to teaching other successful and overwhelmed entrepreneurs to find a work-life balance. 

    Michael’s podcast is for high achievers with big goals who feel frustrated by not being where they need to be. 

    7. Jill Stanton: Screw The Nine to Five   

    Screw The Nine to Five by Jill Stanton is hyper-focused on how to help people grow business that genuinely impacts people and creates income. 

    Stanton believes that the most crucial element of any business is the right entrepreneurial mindset.

    She focuses on prioritizing customer acquisition over lead acquisition, and shows how building an audience with paying customers is much more important than growing free followers.

    By listening to this podcast, you will quickly learn how to succeed without pumping out endless free content for subscribers.

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