Creative Ways to Promote Black Friday on Social Media

    Marketers of the whole world 🔥Black Friday is getting closer! While everyone prepares their jogging shoes for the big run across shopping...

    Marketers of the whole world 🔥Black Friday is getting closer! While everyone prepares their jogging shoes for the big run across shopping malls, we gathered all the creative ways to promote Black Friday on social media (and a bit more) to inspire you for creating the best-performing campaigns!

    Black Friday

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    Black Friday history

    Thanksgiving is a national holiday of the USA which is held on the fourth Thursday of November every year. No, we did not miss the point. It’s important to mention Thanksgiving because what we call Black Friday is the day right after it.

    In the 1900s, before Black Friday started to be associated with the bargain deals in the whole world, it was just a simple Friday after a nation-wide holiday full of fun, drinking, eating turkey and pumpkin pies. This is why most Americans found it pretty hard to go to work the next day after the celebration and took a day off to relax and go shopping. Retailers took advantage of this and made a very big deal out of ordinary Friday. But there’s definitely more to the story and we can’t fit all of it in this article, so here’s a great summary of Black Friday history.

    First, in the USA, and now worldwide, online and offline shops battle with the goal to successfully promote their Black Friday deals. Online services that sell digital products even made up Cyber Monday to extend the sales period up to the next week after Black Friday.

    Christmas is the biggest holiday after Thanksgiving, and Black Friday is often associated with it as the perfect time to buy gifts for family and friends at a lower price.

    Ideas for Black Friday social media campaigns

    If you want everyone to notice and grab your Black Friday offer, you have to try hard to stand out with a creative, catchy, and engaging marketing campaigns among competitors. To inspire you, our team gathered a list of the best ways to kick off this festive season on social media (and not only that). This is literally your one and only guide to a successful digital Black Friday campaign. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to put a #BlackFriday hashtag. Here we go!

    Never-stopping reel ad

    Make people wonder.

    One of the best ways to thrill your followers is to make a GIF with a never-stopping reel. Place random numbers and a percent symbol on the slots and make people wonder about the sale they will get. This type of ad not only catches attention with animated objects but also makes users curious enough to click on the button and find out what’s the deal.

    Funny Black Friday post

    Make them smile.

    Some brands make fun of Black Friday and mangle its name or the overall obsessive shopping concept to grab customers’ attention. For example, Ikea calls their campaign Bag Friday, while Philipp Plein seems to smoothly transition from their Helloween campaign into a Black Friday one, introducing us their fashionable Price Killer.

    Since ads are literally everywhere these days, humor is the classic, reliable, and simply working way of entertaining customers’ and most importantly, catching their attention. Create a funny post and it’s likely that people will share it with friends, and that’s exactly what each brand aims for – word-of-mouth marketing.

    Gift for repost

    Award them.

    Brands no longer skimp over the ads. Even small businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising to build up a bigger user base. However, in pursuit of new customers, businesses often forget to engage the already-existing audience.

    The option that works really well is a gift for the repost. Black Friday is a perfect occasion for throwing this type of contest. The pattern is usually as follows – the brand offers users to participate in a so-called game to win a free item. Sometimes, users just need to like and repost a campaign to their accounts to get into the list of potential winners. Sometimes, they also need to leave a comment and do more steps to take part in the game. Yet, these days businesses try not to over-complicate the process for users and leave it minimalistic.

    Black Friday giveaway

    Award them more!

    Giveaways are somewhat similar to gifts for reposts. Yet, their mechanics is usually a bit more complicated. Black Friday giveaway is a perfect method of increasing brand loyalty. The business has to spend an insignificant sum of money on a tempting prize, while customers enjoy the contest and hope for a win.

    Brands often make collaborations with other brands to acquire new audiences and spread awareness faster. Depending on the type of items, there are usually age restrictions for participation in the contest. It’s also important to consider time zones and clearly set the deadlines, entering guidelines, and explain how the prize will be delivered to a winner. But most importantly, create beautiful images that will play a key role in drawing attention to your offer.

    Sale for a cause

    Make them be proud of an important contribution.

    Another way of promoting the brand during Black Friday is to donate all the income from sales for a good cause. For example, lots of brands go eco-friendly and promote their pro-environmental attitude by throwing huge Black Friday sales to gain money that they donate it the end.

    The major business concern that may appear when planning such a campaign – is making a profit from it. The thing is, sales for a good cause are not about the increase of income. They are about the increase of brand awareness and loyalty. Moreover, we can still claim that it’s great for both sides: the customer is pleased with a sale and will probably come back for more, while the business can contribute to a non-profit organization. Considering today’s disasters caused by humanity, each donation is very valuable in the struggle for a greener future.

    for a cause

    Referral program

    Make them bring friends.

    Referral programs work really great when it comes to building a bigger audience and pleasing the acquired one at the same time. It’s super-easy to spread awareness about the program through social media. Moreover, even though brands have to offer items at lower prices for referring friends, they still earn money and new potential customers. A truly win-win situation.

    Black Friday video ad

    Make them watch.

    If you’ve got a budget to film a video commercial, it can cause a wow-effect. Amazon did a great job, they made a short, fun ad with a strong call-to-action: “Let the deals come to you”. This way of promoting a Black Friday sale perfectly works not only for big brands but also for smaller ones. It’s not necessary to launch a commercial on television these days. Youtube campaigns work even better today since everyone who has access to the internet watches Youtube. You can also easily post these videos across multiple social media and entertain your followers. Just don’t forget to make a beautiful Youtube thumbnail.

    Scratch and reveal the deal

    Surprise them.

    Different brands more and more often make animated ads with hidden promo codes or discounts on Black Friday. This is a creative and effective way of intriguing a user. Such animations can be used across social media as targeted ads but also across other channels. For example, a personal email with a promo code on a purchase can show your users that they are special and valuable to you.

    Countdown to Black Friday

    Make them wait for it.

    Create a bright, noticeable countdown timer to Black Friday and encourage your audience to plan their shopping in advance. Also, you can make a timer just for the period of Black Friday, so that users know exactly when your brand’s sale ends.

    The timer can be in the form of an animation or static banners placed on social media covers and changed every day. But of course, the best option is the one that’s a bit harder to implement – to make a JavaScript real-time countdown. It will create a real feeling of time running out and users will definitely consider buying discounted items while it’s not too late.

    Gift certificate

    Make them prepare gifts in advance.

    Since Black Friday is quite close to Christmas, people tend to start buying gifts in advance (and while these gifts are on sale). The beautifully designed gift certificate will encourage your customers to buy it as a present for friends and family. Promote your gift certificates on social media to let everyone know that you’ve got the best gift option for those, who never know what to present. Also, you can combine two campaigns: make a contest for your followers with the condition to give out a bunch of free gift certificates for reposts.

    Spin & win

    Make them play a game.

    Who won’t like playing roulette to get a huge Black Friday discount? For brands, it’s a working way of gamification and user engagement, while for users it’s a way of having fun while shopping, with a guarantee of winning. Create a landing page with roulette and place different deals on each slot. The user should have an ability to click on the roulette so that it spins and then stops on one of the deals, creating a unique link that the user then follows to proceed shopping with a discount. For social media make a bright animation that demonstrates your roulette with deals to encourage users to play the game.

    Click to win

    Make them click.

    Similar to roulettes, “Click to win” is even a simpler way of encouraging users to participate in something very interesting and 100%-awarding. You can create a social media banner, post, a paid add, or all together, with a “Click to win” CTA. This type of ad perfectly works for giveaways but also can be used to promote discounts.

    Thrill them.

    Banners are a perfect way of promoting Black Friday on social media and other marketing channels. They are multi-purpose, reusable, and easy to create. Drop the stereotype of black ads for Black Friday. Make bright, colorful, animated banners so that users notice and remember your offer among others during this over-advertised season.

    You can put a banner with your sale offer on a Facebook cover or post, on a website, crop it into three parts to post on Instagram as a row, and more. Make flash sale deals or “1 deal = 1 hour”, and change banners every hour during Black Friday. This will give users a thrilling and awarding feeling when they manage to catch the bargain deal.

    Upsell & cross-sell items

    Make them want more.

    A great Black Friday deal idea for any online shop is to upsell and cross-sell goods. Modern Instagram shops, especially the ones with clothing, tend to cross-sell the items, offering two pieces for the price of one. The commercial usually comes with beautiful pictures of the most fashionable and best-selling items from a collection.

    Cross sell1

    Black Friday event

    Make them party hard.

    For businesses with enough budget for next-level advertising, gather people at the Black Friday event and promote it on Facebook and across other social media. It can be a trade fair, a party, or a festival. Whatever you decide to organize – it’s a great option to entertain customers, spread awareness on your local market, and sell discounted items.

    Stylish Insta grid

    Make them notice you.

    While lots of people make themed Instagram grids just for fun, you can make a beautiful Black Friday campaign in the form of a grid. Just create one visual with your offer and crop it into pieces to make multiple Instagram posts. This is a great way to grab the attention of your followers, especially if you drop each post with a little delay so that they don’t appear on the timeline as one big chunk.


    Facebook & Instagram Stories

    Make them swipe.

    Lots of brands actively use Instagram and Facebook stories for advertising already, so don’t stand aside. Create cool stories with your Black Friday offer to let people know about the deals and make them swipe up to immediately view discounted items.


    Prepare for Christmas and stay tuned

    We hope that marketers found the inspiration they came here for, and while all these sales make everyone go a bit crazy, let’s not forget that the winter is coming. It means more inspiration from the VistaCreate team and Christmas gifts! Stay tuned 😉

    VistaCreate Team

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