Add Speech Bubble to Photo

With VistaCreate’s speech bubbles, your characters can do the talking. Bring it to life with speech, thoughts, and dialogue. Explore the Shapes tab, add to your image, change the colors and size, and put a text box with your words. Pick a font and font color to match your unique style.

Find a Funny Way to Tell Your Story on Photo

Whether the people, pets, or plants in your photo need to profess their love, tell a joke, or share information, put it and let your images share the message. Add personality, humor, and emotion to your designs.
  • Choose Appropriate Style

    Choose the word balloon style to match the tone and colors of your photo. Resize it to fit your space and give characters a voice. Add text to deliver your message in a clever, interesting way. Spark design with a conversation!

  • What Do You Have to Say? Get Clever!

    What can you put in your word balloon? Caption the photo, ask a question, say something funny, make an offer, share information — the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Custom talking doesn’t even have to be a person. It can be your dog, a cartoon character, or even an inanimate object, like a donut!

  • Match or Contrast Your Photo With Color

    If the outline of the speech bubble isn’t quite right, it’s easy to change. Just click on it and pick a color that matches photo colors or outlines.

  • Jazz Up Design With Animation

    Want to tell a longer story? One clever way would be to have animated pop in and out in order. Our tool makes it easy to use animated elements for graphics — no experience necessary!

  • Customize Your Design

    Use custom colors, fonts, images, and design objects to make your graphics unique and special. With VistaCreate you always have a choice. Change everything you want!

  • Create a Storyboard

    Your social media design can be dry and boring, or lively and fun. Our text bubble maker can create the difference between a glance and a share. Lay out a whole story in dialogue.

When to Use Speech Bubbles on Photos

Show what your characters are thinking with text or pictures. Choose it with an emotionally expressive face to match the subject: excitement, thoughtfulness, happiness, or whatever best expresses how you want your audience to feel.
  • Dialog

    Let two or more characters talk to each other. The conversation is a friendly way to provide information.

  • Sale Flyer

    Create a sale flyer with 2 or 3 people talking excitedly about an upcoming sale.

  • Talk directly with the audience

    Talk directly with the audience. Use a front-facing character, as if they were talking directly to the audience on video or static design.

  • Take an outdoor selfie

    Take an outdoor selfie for Instagram and add a thought bubble expressing your love of nature.

  • Use frames

    Use frames to divide images into panels for a comic strip story. Try a conversation style with each character in a separate frame, or several blocks with different pictures and expressions to tell a story.

  • Upload a photo

    Upload a photo of your dog and give it a funny caption. What is he really thinking about that silly sweater you’re wearing?

How to Add Speech Bubbles to Picture

  • 1
    Create a free account on VistaCreate
    Choose a design from our collection of {template_count} templates and enhance your project with {assets_count_max}M+ photos, videos, and vectors in the built-in library.
  • 2
    Choose your picture
    Add speech bubbles to represent talking or thoughts. Just drag one of our shapes onto a picture and position it where it should be.
  • 3
    Customize it
    Put text and select the font from our collection or upload your own.
  • 4
    Save and share
    Save your graphic, download, and share!

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  • After I add a speech bubble to the photo, can I edit it later?
    Yes, all your designs are automatically saved, and you can come back and edit them anytime. Create a VistaCreate account so you can log in and then go to the My Designs tab and see all your created visuals. Edit everything you want, add new objects, resize them, replace the background, and change the text to update the existing design or create an entirely new one.
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